7/ 20 FFA CvS2 results

Unfortunately this tournament was last minute so the turnout wasn’t as huge as it should have been, apologies for not announcing it sooner.

Anyhow, here are the results:

  1. COMBO FIEND (K Ken, Rolento, Cammy 2) Loses to no one.

  2. Emphy (C Ken, Rugal, Rolento 2) Loses to CF x 2.

  3. Watts (C Chun, Guile, Sagat 2) Loses to CF and Emphy.

  4. Edma (C Ken, Chun, Yamazaki/Sagat 2) Loses to Watts and Emphy

  5. (tie) Chavo: (K Eagle, Cammy, Sagat 2) Loses to CF and Edma
    AfroCole: (K Cammy/Sagat/Blanka 2) loses to Watts and Emphy

None of the bigwigs entered as they all had to go to work the next day. Anyhow, on to the highlights:

Emphy doing wild stuff with Rugal. Some of the tricks were definitely unexpected and very original. Good shit on getting so far in a game you recently picked up.

Edma acting like he hasn’t played in six months yet lands dash in rc kick super combos with Chun. I know you’re at home in practice mode, give up the facade.

Watts for having good reaction times and zero conscience in tournaments. I love watching you gay it up.

Oh and good shit to Chavo for coming out of nowhere but still doing really well. Edma barely squeaked by you.

I believe finals were recorded, so they should be up soon compliments of Strider_Zero.

Now its off to Evo.

Gj Peter but damn no Justin/Choi? thats wack


No A-groove in the top 5 at all, crayzay…

so much NAPS

ya that was me foo!!! 5th place champion baby!!! K cammy sagat blanka, keepin it REAL!!!

So, does top 8 qual for EVO World? This is what im trying to figure out


good shit edma, rage

Probably not. This was just a random side tournament. It wasn’t sanctioned as an evowest deal.

git 'im cooter!

CUMBO LETS PLAY AT EVO. my msp wants you!


i hear combo picked rolento/ironman/ken

see ya at evo cumby!


Cooooooottaaaaa fiend

Those were some good games. Makes me want to learn cvs2, too bad strider isnt in the game:rofl:
well here as promised is the final of [media=youtube]IyQC82JyXcM"[/media]
I also have the matches of AfroCole(i think) and Emphy, and two casuals of combo fiend and justin wong. I will try to put those up soon:wgrin:



i get you back one day