7/21 Camelot MvC2 Weekly: East Coast Invitational RESLUTS

30 Entries

  1. Fetus
  2. Duc Sr.
  3. David Lee
  4. SooMighty
  5. Potts
  6. Combofiend
  7. Ace
  8. y2jay

while Smoothviper and Wigfall didn’t make it, we had the pleasure of having Mike Infinite come down. Great seeing you again Mike. Also, we were able to get Soo and CYF to come down along with a bunch of other So cal OG’s.

Reset over David L winners finals 3-2
Duc over David L losers finals 3-2
Reset over Duc grand finals 3-2
Duc over Soo 2-1 losers semis
David L over Soo winners semis
Reset over Potter winners semis
Ace sends Duc to losers
Duc Jr sends Infinite to losers
Papa Trunks showing why he’s a Strider killer, beating Clock and myself
Ace beats Infinite in losers

it was mad fun. See everyone at psm.

Btw Potter, I still have your Pen.

good shit reset, i still own you in staying up son. good shit Ace, y2j, potts and ducs. wudddddddddddddddup!

good shit

Hmc nigga…

good shit my first time ever winning a match in a tournament with Strider/Tron lol

Good shit reset, DucSR, Soo, David lee, Potter, and to the rest that played. YA’LL BETTER GET HYPE AT PSM!!! Sigh…Imma miss Cali =[. I better play White Knight at South America lol, Anyways, good shit to everyone who placed :tup:



=o a

Reset showin em whats good.

Good stuff.


Good games to everyone I played today. It was nice seeing and playing the OG players from all around S cali again. Thanks to all the visiters from North Carolina and East Coast for showing up. The tourney was fun…glad to have participated in it. See yall at PSM.

To Y2j - you had me man. Maybe next time!


GGs everyone

Sup Korngo =D

EDIT: Damn you Duc for beating me for the billionth time today

i are sleepy

tell me there are vids, please. those finals and semis seem really close.

30 Entries

  1. Fetus
  2. Duc Sr.
  3. David Lee
  4. SooMighty
  5. Potts
  6. Combofiend
  7. Ace
  8. y2jay

nice, good to see some of the old talent coming back. david L = too good

I record most of the vids but couldn’t get in the final matches with Duc vs. everyone @ the end sorry guys

I need some hosting space though

damn reset is nice…i hope the vids come soon

Ask Preppy

I gots some space…

if you guys put up any of my videos Ill kill you.

i heard evo is gonna be run on paper plate brackets too…

…the wave of the future.


Hope there’s vids