7/22/07 Mikado CvS2 Singles

The tournament was run similar to Evolution. 6 pools, top in each advance to the main tournament. Those that got 2nd place had to go through a qualifying tournament to get down to 2, then there was an 8-man double elimination tournament.

Final results:

  1. BAS (Team BAS, what else :rolleyes:)
  2. Iyo (C-Dhalsim, Maki, Rolento2)
  3. Kousaka (C-Chang, Blanka, Sagat2)

EDIT: videos up -

My pool

Bas vs. some A-Chun, Hibiki, Blanka2 guy : [media=youtube]JO4crVyPjwI[/media]
Ichi vs. me, Take 1 : [media=youtube]6j5UEzugIDU[/media]

Ichi vs. some A-Chun, Hibiki, Blanka2 guy : [media=youtube]EFC7fAl2-xU[/media]
Bas vs. me : [media=youtube]UwNpvQLw9-Q[/media]

Ichi vs. me, Take 2 : [media=youtube]YdduYjR65Xk[/media]

Various matches in tourney

Kousaka vs. Pinokio (K-Hibiki, Sagat, Cammy2) : [media=youtube]cjIPQ_WJCz0[/media]
Kousaka vs. Me in qualifying tourney : [media=youtube]1iP19yR7QiE[/media]
Bas vs. Fake Kim (Red C-Sagat, Rolento, Blanka2) : [media=youtube]XoLyKVyk2Uw[/media]
Mulder (C-Chang, Rolento, Guile2) vs. Kousaka : [media=youtube]c_fFlQAEVoQ[/media]
Vega Curry (A-Honda, Blanka, Bison2) vs. Sagyou-san (A-Vega, Vice, Blanka2) : [media=youtube]Ga_ILvUd0lc[/media]
Nakanishi (C-Guile, Ken, Sagat2) vs. Iyo : [media=youtube]vdTlajWrfMQ[/media]
Bas vs. Pinokio : [media=youtube]4u-ry1UR0ZI[/media]
Iyo vs. Kousaka, Take 1 : [media=youtube]HRn7i-6YCI0[/media]
Kousaka vs. Fake Kim : [media=youtube]2rRBOuKMg14[/media]

Winners Final

Bas vs. Iyo : [media=youtube]u7M7a2NuQOw[/media]

Losers Final

Kousaka vs. Iyo : [media=youtube]ijJZ-YstYDc[/media]

Grand Final

Bas vs. Iyo : [media=youtube]Eit4YESwGoU[/media]

you are a god, good shit to see you still playing

cool, i guess iyo switching C-dhalsim to C-sagat was only a temporary thing. i’m looking forward to the vids.


can’t wait for the vids


hmmmmmmmmm. sounds like another cvs2 god’s team.

C-dhalsim? Vids!

hell yes, good shit iyo!

iyo is dope

glad to see youre still playing cvs2 gunter i still have some of your vids

Lol A-Zangief

oh shit, thx Gunter!!


fake kim = ohayo?

gunter thx for all the vids, good to see youre still playing. your a-gief is still a beast like i remember it, lol at your match vs ichi where you taunt him then he eats a cc heh.

edit: omg you hit tosaka with your patented gie cc in corner off low rh but you still lost. im sure he was like wtf though, hahaha.

my god… iyo is a god

c-chang mania!!! I thought Dari was the only player to use him like that. beastly

Thiis thread is gdlk.

Fake kim is back baby

bas is a mutant. and iyo is just ridiculous with that team.

I keep hearing, for years now, that BAS is the best in the world; but is he really that much better than everyone else like I’m seeing here???
His Blanka is just incredible.

Ume vs Bas. who owns who usually