7/22 Colonial Heights MvC2 Tournament Results

1st - Victor S. (Vasu)
2nd - Eric V. (EXIST)
3rd - Pete (b1gazn)
4th - Chris D. (BarrelO)

Perris and whoever Pete beat before me tied for 5th. Dunno about the rest.

I believe there were 14 entrants. Victor won the finals by forfeit. GGs to everyone except Tyler.

surprise surprise

full results?

I think Kevin has the brackets, so he can post them if he wants.

LOL i forfeit to victor and Bazian forfeits to me…me and Von Doom split meesly cash prize…lolz…good shit had fun and F all those gamers that backed out and took ur money out of the tourny!!!

PS…good shit to Tornado Flame,Flip-Kev,barrel-O,and beatface(mm in 3rd strike at C3 right 2/3 for $10)
Make sure all of you attend C3( this weekend) because it will be the best VA tourny of 2007!!!

what the fuck where was this at?

lemme get the shout outs first, because without Anthony and Kevin, we probably would have scared the scrubs from entering the tourney a lot sooner.

So thanks to Anthony for having our smelly asses up in your house and your wife/GF for letting us nerds game at your place.

Thanks to Kevin for being a great tourney director, hopefully you’ll get enough experience to run a few more of these things.

Arturo, you a cool as cat. Too bad you had to get shot :sad:

Barello, good shit coming out of nowhere and getting 4th.

I’ll have my pros and cons when I get into the office.

Arturo said Ouch…

[quote=“b1gazn, post:6, topic:27103”]

Arturo, you a cool as cat. Too bad you had to get shot :sad:

Barello, good shit coming out of nowhere and getting 4th.

Ouch …it hurts So bad. Yeah it was good seeing you guys n shit. Sadly half the fuckers droped out of the tourny due to mag/storm. :rofl::rofl::rofl: warned the fagbags ahead of time that they were gonna lose but hey who listiens anymore. Lets see um push block does work against mag but not storm…how da hell blocks with there face???:wasted: Chris lets all point at tyler and laugh------------------------------------>hahahahah ya sorry bitch:wgrin:.
Now the mall bitches realize that marvel is all about tiers—if ya dont have mag/storm/spiral/cable/sent/c.comd/cyc/psy/blkhrt/doom/stri and many more i think your not gonna win:wasted: i lost a dollar in cvs money match but i was close…ummmm b1gazn i owe you a “fuck yo couch” with sent so b ready for that.
Yea my brothers hype n shit now so he wants to learn strider/doom/cable now lol

i say about the next c3 i will b ready 2 hang with victor and b1gazn and the rest of the crew. Well see yall at C3

^That post is chock full of intelligence.

damn, why you NoVA cats gotta be so hard on them south boys? :smiley:

Precisely why i didnt bother waking up that day…i wouldve played the same people i do every other day… If you guys wanna get better, come to C3 rape fest… my sentinel just enrolled in a dance class, hes so cute in his tights.

Sad that there’s still people out there that dont understand that 3/4th’s of the cast is terrible. Between the rest half of those are only good when paired correctly with other characters with the right assist. This game is serious business.

thank you i feel so loved…anywhos dj your right. 95% depends on who you pick

No, Im sure the placings would be the same if we were using low tier teams. Seriously, nobody could of stopped my Akuma/Cammy/Tron.

Slogan would of gotten 5th or higher with his shoto.

And EricV’s Ironman fastfly infinite would of made everybody in the arcade scream "That is cheesy, Ironman should be banned too.

fuck low tiers, you cant come to ANY tourney strapped. and pull that shit out first.

damn i woulda got 3rd if i came. GOD strikes again!!!

and I would of gotten 1st because you knocked Victor and EricV out.

Thanks for making this post Chris, hope to see you at a PAGG tourney and next time hopefully you won’t stomp my ass with your Sent:wgrin:

Because of this tourney, the MVC2 is being moved to a bigger, better cabinet AND we’re getting 3S (Tiger Woods style pump fist in air). Before I started working at Tilt the Marvel machine only made an average of 30 quarters a week, the quarter count for the week after the tourney was around $500:looney::looney: GOD DAMN!!! Even my DM ate his own words and said it was a good tourney. We’ll hold another one in around 3 months, after we get the new cabinet situated and organize everything much better (and get f’n refreshments without me having to steal them from the store next door:rofl:)

Here’s what happened that day if no one gets the references in this thread:

Sunday I collaborate with Tornado picking up people, I pick up BarrelO (sorry again for the tardiness, f’n yahoo maps), go to Tornados house which is like a sauna from all the people playing. There were about 4 TV’s set up, playing Tekken, CVS2, Marvel and 3S. I meet a lot of new people, like Pete, Victor and Eric V. Eric and I did our money match which I was totally raped. I knew what to expect but DAMN! He even made it best 3/5, which I still lost, only highlight was I got the DHC from Storm/Sent and took out ONE of his charaters, I still have a long way to go.

Then the NOVA guys and I head to Tilt, despite the weak ass traffic and of course when we get there most of the entrants are practicing. Tyler has been mentioned a lot in this thread, he’s a cocky player who uses mid-tier characters and rushes down constantly. He says he’s beaten Sanford Kelly (yes, the President) and all the other big shots in the Philly game room, which I’ve never believed, and swears that a good AAA assist will stop any Magneto player. That’s before Eric V. got on the cabinet and started ROMing. Then all the entrants got scared, a couple dropped out the tourney on the spot. Then to get them back into it, I convinced Pete, Victor and Eric to only use Magneto against each other and not the locals, not my proudest moment but I was about to have all my players drop out :sad:

Eric hadn’t given me his info before the registration date cause he didn’t know if he was coming till last minute and my DM and manager kept saying no late entrants. I kept trying to change this policy up to the VERY last minute, to where they STILL kept saying no. So I signed Eric up with a name who did sign up but didn’t know if he was coming or not, Brendan. I asked if Eric would play under that name which he agreed and everyone signed. Then Brendan showed up and my manager called out on it, which I took responsibility for. I know it was wrong, but I really wanted Eric to play and didn’t see the reason why late entrants were such a big deal. She finally agreed and even let PuppetXMaster join in late.

Then came me putting in fresh HAPPS and moving the machines and Eric mentioned something about not using Blackheart, which I didn’t hear too well but agreed with anyway cause the wiring harness for the buttons started coming apart and I was more occupied with that. Then I found out that my manager wanted to ban Mag and Black from the tourney, which I then realized I was showing too much favoritism to my locals and this was a tourney, not casual play. I warned my locals that serious players are coming, Magneto and Cable players, and they had no objections, in fact they talked shit about it before they actually saw the NOVA boys play. So I then made clear anyone can use whoever they want and if they drop out then so be it.

Then came time to make brackets, which I had NO idea how to do. I had my manager do it since I thought they were suppose to be totally random, then in mid play I was explained the concept of player tiers and how everything is suppose to work. Big props again to Eric and Chris for straightening everything out and their patience, at first everyone was at each other’s throats but then everything worked out.

The matches finally started, people all huddled around to see the action. We had people standing on machines trying to get a view and the hypeness was addictive. Hearing “Don’t get shot!” is now a part of my daily vocabulary:rofl: My throat is still sore from all my screaming.

Then Tyler stepped up who had a LOT to prove. He won his first set, but in the second round got RAPED. It was bad, especially with Tornado calling him out the whole time. He still kept talking sh*t and how “Charlies Angels” was gonna bring it back (Rogue/Psylocke/Cammy) but then BarrelO came along. Let’s say at the end of the set Tyler refused to shake his hand and left slamming the gate. No reason to act that way whatsoever, I haven’t seen him since but when I do I’ll talk to him about his behavior that day.

Other than that great tourney, Tornado caught the Vasu/BigAzn match where Vasu made a huge comeback and me screaming like Terry Tate in the background. I had a choketastic performance, it really was the nerves (and the lack of skill), I was missing my Storm LAxxLS combos and DHCing with the wrong supers, such as Storm’s LA to Sent’s plasma ball, Ugh:wasted:

Some pics taken with my camera phone:


From the left:

White shirt: b1gazn
Red shirt: Vasu
Shaved head: BarrelO
Family man: Tornado
Blue Shirt w/Sunglasses: Exist
Blue Shirt w/yellow stripes: PuppetXMaster


From the left:

Red shirt/Black guy: Toneman
Blue shirt: Exist
Red shirt: Vasu
Grey shirt: Beatface22
Shaved head: BarrelO
Black shirt/red text: Eddie

Here are some of the highs and lows from that day:


-Meeting Chris, Pete, Victor and Eric, you guys rock and can kick my ass in Marvel, which I’m working on changing:angel:

-Everything coming together and having a lot of fun (tourney was around 5 hours long :slight_smile: )

-Every local who talked shit was put in their place:rofl:

-The arcade regulars now making a serious effort to step up their Marvel game.

-Getting better machines, FINALLY!!!

-All the trash talking at Tornado’s Dungeonhouse after the tourney, it was so immature it was funny. “Another Proton Cannon, are you serious Julius? Ouch” “Your face is ouch”:rofl::rofl::rofl:


-How certain SOVA players repped themselves, with their play and attitude.

-Almost getting me and the NOVA guys into an accident while on the way to Tilt, not my fault, the dumbass cell phone talker in front of me was going 20 mph on the merge lane to a MAJOR highway. I forced him to the shoulder and he caught up wanting to fight me, but I had other things to worry about:rofl::rofl:

-All the school work I had to catch up on after the tourney, boy was I tired.

-Peris wanting to fight Beatface, wow, that came out of nowhere.

-Me now having nightmares with Pete screaming “Don’t get shot!” in the background:rofl::rofl::rofl:

-Me giving out a little to many hugs, hell I was so happy everyone showed up and had a good time I couldn’t help it:arazz:

Again expect another tourney in around 2-3 months, this time with a better cabinet, more players, f’n food and drinks and me now knowing what to do. This wouldn’t be possible without Tornado, whenever I become a premium member remind me to give you rep points:wgrin:

See most of you again at C3 and PAGG.

A few shout-outs:

Kevin-Thanks again for picking me up and for the hospitality. Also, good shit putting this together. If what Anthony says about the tourney inspiring the Tri-Cities players to step up their game is true, this will hopefully mark the beginning of a MvC2 resurgence in the Richmond area.

Anthony-Thanks for letting me crash at your place and giving me a ride back to VB. And good games in ST.

Eric, Victor, and Pete-Good shit showing the locals what’s up. I’ve got some work to do if I want to hang with NOVA. But I learned a few things playing you guys, so it’s all good.

Overall, I had a good time. I wasn’t playing as well as I’d hoped, but I don’t think it affected the outcome of any of my matches. The only issues I had were with the sticks and the brackets, but now that you guys know how things are supposed to work, I don’t think it’ll be an issue in the future. Unfortunately, I have drill this weekend, so I won’t be able to make C3 or PAGG. But I should be able to make any other VA tourneys between now and Evo. And I’ll definitely try to make it to the next Colonial Heights tourney.

nice job guys, as always eric v, victor solid marvel players. maybe ill see yall at c3. later