7/22 - The Break NJ Weeklys RESULTS MVC2 - Javier?

1st - Josh Wigfall - Mag/Storm/Tron, MSP
2nd - Javier “Khameleon” - Mag/Storm/Sent, MSP
3rd - “Infinite” - Row
4th - “Dragon Status” - Row
5th - Shaun “Starbury” - Santhrax
5th - “BlueJ” - Mag/Sent/Com
-21 People
Finals = 4-2 Josh

Javier put on a very nice show for all of us.
Best match = BlueJ vs. Shaun

any tournament eternal fighter doesn’t win, i dont want to see the results for:lol:

javier, stop beasting

eternal fighter needs to stick to playing tekken. =P

Hold that shit with MSP Javier :cool:

javier is one of the most patient , defensive players ive ever seen

he hasnt stuck to playing tekken in a good year and a half…

for shizzle my nizzle off da bizzle baby yeah

tru javi is mad defensive, but there is no defending #2 in the world…aka josh…in my opinion bitches

It was nice seeing mostly everyone at the Break. I haven’t been there in a while…Thanxz BlueJ for the ride there & back…:slight_smile:

Seemed like I missed out on a really deep tournament. Wish I was there.:frowning:

I’ll own all yall nikkas for free at the break, i’m the shit, who want with me?? Ask my dawg michael infinite, he knows nobody wants it with me, i’ll own anybody including justin. :lol:

yeah but unfortunately no one will ‘want it with you’ at evo, since you ain’t got no ticket (zing)

damn yo that was dirty…hahaha


oh shit…

Hey is our $50 bet still on at EVO?

*Larry Flynt *

yeah fo sho, $50, first to five, you cant use sentinel