7/23/05 PSM MvC2 RESLUTS

45 Entries
Edited for Fuller Results (but not quite fullest)

  1. SooMighty
  2. David Lee
  3. Combofiend
  4. Potter
  5. Ruin
  6. Clockw0rk
  7. Genghis
  8. Reset
  9. Randy Lew
  10. Josh Wigfall
  11. Bagnus
  12. Cableguy
  13. Ace
  14. Wes Matsui
  15. Infinite
  16. Amir

Highlights off the top of my head:
Soo wins Winners finals over David L 3-1
David L wins losers finals over Combofiend 3-1
Bill sends Reset to losers
Clock eliminates Reset
Wigfall sends Randy Lew to losers
Soo sends Wigfall to losers after making a DRAMATIC comeback second game when he was down 1-0. Magneto with 5% health lands a hit on Wigfall’s character and proceeds to combo the rest of the team to death
Genghis eliminates Wigfall
Genghis sent to losers and eliminated by Ruin
Infinite gets a PERFECT on Duc Jr.
Clock eliminates Infinite after
Potter sends Duc to losers
Duc eliminated by Genghis

And good games to everyone I played: TGS, Wigfall, Deuce, Mike, and Reset. Especially you Josh. Always wanted to play you in a tournament and you didn’t dissappoint. You and Mike have a safe trip back and i hope to see you guys @ evo. Good shit all

“Soo sends Wigfall to losers after making a DRAMATIC comeback second game when he was down 1-0. Magneto with 5% health lands a hit on Wigfall’s character and proceeds to combo the rest of the team to death”

that was seriously the shit. it was good seeing a lot of people for marvel.

PS: good shit bill <3


good shit everyone, prolly see yall at evo…

Hope to see vids…

Nice. I too will be looking forward to any videos if any were recorded.

cool shit soo

hhahhahiaohsohofishdijetjklfjkjkj man im just typing out of my ass because i went to a party after the tourney and im still buzzin so imt yping right now so im gonna type HELLA SHIT AND theres nothig U can do about it bitches

first off, match of the night, “HORY SHITU” SOO fucking MIGHTYYYYYYY beating wigfall’s whole team with 5% Magnus? fuck, fucking magneto, fuck, HMC HMC HMC ahhhhh

second DAMN YOU JULIUS JACKSON for taking me out of the tournament ROARRR!!! :angryface:

third DAMN ducjr getting PERFECTED by honeymike aka INFINITEEEEEE

im gonna stop counting now, im just gonna start typing shit

MIKE aka INFINITE dude good shit today, i wanted to play you money matches but we had to bounce
btw stop doing dash under, c. lk + sent-a, c. lk against incoming chars [you do it like every match]
how long are you gonna be in cali? we should get some matches in

ducjr- dude you gotta stay relaxed man, you were missing a bunch of ish in those matches =[

JOSH fucking WIGFALL we didnt get to play any matches [well like 10% of one] anyways, if youre gonna be in cali for another day or so post up, we should all have a big get together at camelot or some shit before you guys leave

BURBERRY BAGNUS, yep you told me, and yep you made that magic happen. idunno what happened with u for the rest of the tourney b/c i didnt stay, but you made that magic happen

good seeing all you batches today, Soo youre a monster, make an effort to get to evo mang, NSJs good seeing you as always, randy and cableguy thanks for coming down, andy youre dope <3, RUIN you beast, lets money match next time, my sol vs your eddie [haha i dont fucking play ggxx i dont know wtf im talking about], deuce FULLERTONNNNN, justus tying that shirt up like a sexy beast [no blowmo] duc, dan, POZZZZZLELELELELELE, dataika or dakaita or something?, nick, davidl, combo, fucking i typing is hard and takes up too much energy so if i forgot you my bad

anyways ggs deuce, combo, TGS, edma, julius

<3 EC
<3 norcal
<3 az and nevada
<3<3 socal fucking, we’re taking 7/8 spots in finals at evo

oh yeah i saw amir and hung beat vic and pyro, respectively, in the 3s tourney. i dont follow 3s, but good shit, those were fun matches to watch

clock you got 5th? haha wtf, youre dope


PPS 949944949494949494949949494949494949949494949499494949494949 ad infinium


burberry krunknus

Crazy results…wish I was there. Now I have to go to EVO

dope ass tourney

dipset(bagnus,pozzle,albazzle,deuceeeee,phat) holding it down,good shit guys and good games

ducjr-thanks for housing

y2drunk-you already know

mike ross wins the tounrney just because of his shirt

killer kai,thats it,hes fucken killer kai

reset is 12 years old

vegas-<3 you guys

danny l-you nice kid

HMC is the fucking truth,watch out for my mst

5star,shogo,aye-hood,and jhon good seeing you guys again

norcal-you guys are hella cool,nice meeting you randy…cableguy is the fucking truth

duc do-good games

honey mike,you the niceist,hope we can play again

anyone else i forgot,hella good times

big thanks for mini g for holding this tourney and makeing it an experiance

can someone post the full result or something like top 15? =]

good shit to all the placers. damn i really wanna see that magneto comeback with 5% health! sounds like everybody was yelling “HELL YEAH!” in my mind

I posted this from the other thread:

Thank you everyone for taking the time once again to come out to the tournament. This was probably the best one ever out of all that we’ve held.

As usual, special thanks to the out of towners: Norcal, Vegas, AZ, and NY. Hope you all have a safe trip back or you made it back safe.

Socal, what can I say, thanks again as usual for coming out.

I apologize for having to cut off money matches b/c we REALLY needed to close up or else we’d end up having to deal with the alarm company.

please tell me someone was recording

Oh yeah, and I know Julius got the Soo vs. Wigfall match. UPLOAD THAT SHIT JULES. that shit was up there with that cable bullshit justin pulled.

ggs to all who were mad beasting, one of the best tourneys i had been to in a good while. nice to see all of dipset showing except it was a sad day without phats and fernboy :sad: wish they couldve been there to see the madness. btw to potter bill and albert your daddy Havok no longer wants the escalade cuz after that one episode of the simpsons he now wants a canyonairo so make that money. oh and killer kai forgot to mention that perfect jr. (new name thanx to bill) also got his wallet cleaned out after getting elimanated, but hey at least infinite was man enough to accept his money match challenge, to bad he didnt feel like he earned it after lol. so i hope this has been an important lesson to perfect jr. preventing any further shit talk with his bunk lyrics. cuz you aint mike jones, you aint hot and hoes still dont want you. eat your words from the camalot thread kid. fun tourney for everyone else tho peace.


phat was there buddy.

yes $20 my wallet has been cleaned out…what ever shall i do, if only i had a nickel for every fool like you that talks shit on the net, i notice you didn’t say shit to me at PSM i dont even know you so you must not be important…

right well lets see 1 i got nothin to say to you cuz when i try all i can do is laugh, in fact im laughing right now as i write this. 2 the reason you dont know who i am is cuz ur a newb and i havent gone to tourneys in a loooong time. jus give up perfect jr. i was clowning you all day in front of your face and everyone else around mustve heard me also. 3 sure im not important but at least i NEVER got perfected in a tourney cuz if i did i wouldent go anymore, especialy if it was by someone who you thought you were better than, tsk tsk. and i heard in reality you lost 50 bucks on bets all together unless everyone else there was lying. looks like your lucky lil win at camelot didnt mean crap cuz infinite pwnd, perfected and teabaged you until you had to pay him to stop. my advice is dont talk shit like your badass untill you can realy back it up untill then keep quite when you win or lose. peace

me and phats were there but left early =[