[7/24-26/2009] NVGA SuperCon 2009 - Denver, Colorado

NVGA SuperCon 2009

Where: Denver, Colorado
When: July 24-26 2009
Website: http://www.nvgasupercon.com

The NVGA SuperCon is back!! The NVGA SuperCon, being held in Denver, Colorado July 24-26, 2009 is the national championship for the

NVGA as well as the gaming haven for all gaming enthusiants seeking education in all aspects of the gaming world. In the end

Education of the Gamer is what the NVGA is about!! The NVGA SuperCon features three key aspects to the gaming community:

National Championships and the NVGA Championships

Come join the NVGA as we crown our championships in both the NVGA and the two national events at the SuperCon. Below is the

tournament games that will be featured at this year’s SuperCon

-Soul Calibur 4 (National Championship and NVGA Champioinship)
-Smash Bros. Brawl (National Championship and NVGA Championship)
-Guilty Gear Accent Core (NVGA Championship)
-Street Fighter 4 (NVGA Championship)
-HALO 3 (NVGA Championship)
-Gears of War 2 (NVGA Championship)
-Rock Band - Battle of the Bands (NVGA Championship)

Both national events consist of regional qualifiers finding the top 64 players in both games from across the nation as well Canada,

Mexico and Puerto Rico. The NVGA Championship consist of players from all over the United States including NVGA chapters in New

Mexico, California, Colorado, Arizona, Oklahoma, St. Louis, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Nevada.

Education of the Gamer

This year’s SuperCon features big names from the gaming industry both educational, retail and other. This aspect of the SuperCon is

made to provide gamers with the information that they need, want and desire as it applies to the gaming industry. With a list of

panels, workshops, sponsors, vendors and exhibits this aspect of the con is truly made for all casual and hardcore gaming


The Gaming Cave

The NVGA always believe in including all people in the excitement which is the gaming world. The Gaming Cave will give casual and

hardcore gamers a chance to try out old and new games with the chance to learn from the best gamers from across the nation. It

will also play host to a variety of giveaways and prizes in specific side tournaments that only can be found in the Gaming Cave.

This is also a safe haven for sponsors and vendors too show off there products to the very audience that we all cater too…the