[7/24] LI, NY Smithtown Play n' Trade SF4/SF3 tournament! Results

Thanks to everyone who came out to our first Play n Trade SF4 tournament. Things went smoothly and I absolutely intend to host more here at work. Hopefully we’ll see some more entries next time as well!

1st. Jason Chan
2nd. Gill
3rd. Kyle Keller

Again thanks to everyone for coming out!

Good games all.

Thanks bisonopolis for doing this.

Jonathan “Gill” - maybe if you did more dash jabs you woulda had me lol.

The tourney was well run and was overall a good time…

<- Gill.

You totally made me afraid to throw those dashes out man. GGs

I forgot to ask you, where do you play at?

Thanks to bison for running a smooth tourney, and I have to say the setup you guys had down there was great. If you had bi-weeklies I would show up every time.

Oh yeah, next time I’ll be able to get a few more players to show up. My friend has a decent group of people that would have come, but he came back from evo and couldn’t get off of work.

Are you guys going to castle fight night?

I’ll be at castle fght night or sure. And I’m going to talk to tony about doing these at least once or twice a month. I think once word gets out about our baseent the numbers will be even bigger.

I play at Peter Pan Games in Bayside, Queens for the most part. It’s an arcade at Bay Terrace (which has a huge parking lot). It’s the only other arcade in NY that has a SF4 cab other than CF. It’s not as popular as CF, and there are a lotta scrubs, but there are a bunch of us leveling up there.

Here’s the link to the Peter Pan thread. A guy has been holding weeklies for the locals there.