7/24 SOVA Gaming: Blackula's Birthday Brawl

I’d just like to thank everyone who came out tonight. Thanks for making this a great birthday bash for me. Anyways, here are the results

1: Ryry - Viper, Ryu
2: Foomy - Vega, Rufus
3: 10x - Ken
4: Blackula - Adon
5: Winback - Guile
5: DBC - Cammy
7: Ariez - T. Hawk
7: Redsord - Abel
9: RanDumbCat - Ibuki
9: Sean Miyagi - Abel
9: Dsinnie - Blanka, Juri
9: WTFShinryuken - Vega
13: Liquid Snake - Cody
13: Scooder - Ryu
13: Throw Joe - Ryu
13: Wood - Guile
17: Myrkur - Chun Li
17: SMP - Dudley
17: Langdon - Sakura
17: Jimmy Mac - Cody
17: Jinks - Bison

Good shit, dudes.

10x ken back in the house! Good shit, see you guys next week for civil war II!
Remember I’ll be hosting games at my place the night before, only if you don’t smell like ass.

Blackula went from tying for 25th twice in a row to placing 4TH. Excellent work sir, and thanks for hosting a great event as always with a splendid variety of gaming. Glad you had as much fun as we did.

10x, you heard it before: glad you finally made it out. Hope you can join us for more gigs.

Good to see langdon, Myrkur, Jimmy Mac, and BlakIrish make it out too.

good shit. had fun as usual.

pusoy dos is taking over. see yall at the next one.

happy belated!

holy shit the return of 10x

why am I such a sova stalker