[7/25] 1st SF4 Bar-Fight Tournament at RAIN! Brooklyn/NY + 1st place TE STICK

Hey guys, its Adnan from CTF, I’m that small small white kid who plays Sim. So I’m running this tourney on the 25Th and i hope many people will show up for a great tourney. This is one of my many first
Bar-fight tournaments that i will run and hope everyone will enjoy. I promise everyone that this is no shady tourney or whatnot, i even bought a TE stick for 1st place winner so get HYPEEE.

Saturday, July 25th
Street Fighter IV TOURNAMENT
pre-reg at 4:30 and tourney will start at 6:00 PM sharp
Rain “bar and lounge” just opening up
124 Ave O between west 6th and west 7th street
Brooklyn, NY 11204

Entry Fee is $10 and $10 Venue fee <<its a bar/lounge, hope you understand
The Prize Pot is 70/20/10 + 1st place also takes “MadCatz Tournament 360 stick” << out of my pocket

The format is double elimination with 2/3 matches
winners/losers final will be 3/5
Grand finals will be 4/7

360 console
Controllers- BYOC
Winner must stick with same character, loser may pick a new character.

i will use a software to randomize the players so please guys don’t be late or you will be put into losers bracket.

I have a 50 inch LCD HDTV and a 40 inch LCD HDTV which i will run on HDMI for no lag
I think i will probably get another TV so i can run this tourney smoother

Everyone also needs to respect the lounge when inside and don’t break anything LOL.
if anyone has any additional info that they want to add message me or just reply to the forum.

SF4 entry’s

  1. Adnan
  2. Andy Liu
  3. Rome
  4. Stadic
  5. Rotten Sushi
  6. chemistforhire
  7. zohta
  8. Tinshi
  9. Vizard + his friends
    10.Nica K.O
    11.Big killa

Sounds cool, put me down.

I have not gone to a tourny in a while but Im definitely going to this one. Gotta represent brooklyn! Fo sho

I dont live in the area. What is the closest subway station next to this place?

you can take the N to kings highway and walk just about 3 blocks.

will the bar/lounge also be open to the public during this time?

would go if bb was added

im in put me down as zohta

will be open but there would be no alcohol served that day since it is a new bar/lounge opening up and since there will be minors at the tourney. Future ones will include everything.

Does Rain serve food as well?

I am there.

I might hit this up

Me and like 4 people are in!

anyone know how to get there by subway? do i take the F train?

thanks vizard

if you take the f to kings highway, its about 8 blocks away, not really far.
walk to west 6th and make a right and walk straight until ave O.

someone is gonna have to change that CTF tourney then lol theyre on the same day

Sign me up- Nica K.O

also is it ok if i can use someones stick throughout the tourney

ppl who know me know that i dont bullshit…if anything ill just hold it down and not let anyone else but the owner touch it

if anyone is heading out there from queens PM me, and i’ll head out there with you. Never been out there before and I’d rather not be late or get lost ^_^’

shouldn’t this be stickied because it upcoming?

yes it should be but the mods might be lazy LOL

Am down!!! Big killa

bump this