7/25/2004 - break st/3s/ggxx#r results

st: round robin
1st - mike turner (og ken/cammy)
2nd - dave spence (honda/sim)
3rd - phi nguyen (feilong)
4th - rob sigley (vega)

3s: round robin
1st - devin (chunli)
2nd - josh mr quotes (yun/yang)
3rd - rob sigley (sean/necro)
4th - ?

ggxx#r: (taken from gamecombos.com )

  1. MarlinPie (Dizzy, Eddie)
  2. Mr. Dream (Ky)
  3. Kono / Drew (Sol, Millia)
  4. Master Chibi (Ky)

-thanks rob for 3s and #r results
-#r discussion , http://www.gamecombos.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=14272&postid=246528
-3s: devon sweeps all 7-8 entries
-st: mike turner sweeps all 7-8 entries, except me
-st: spence lost to mike and i believe trevor
-st: spence beats me 3-1 to take 2nd place

This is Devin.

Actually, I had a lot of fun this time! Special thanks to Phi and Mike Turner for the ST tips! :slight_smile:

i had no idea we were playing reload :lol:

could you people stop mispelling my name every single time…?:frowning:

ah. thx :stuck_out_tongue:

man every loss in ST i shoulda won (cept against phi) then i end up doing something stupid and losing (too aggressive, slide but get hit by level 3 instead) oh well next time i’ll just jump back fierce all day instead

Good job mike :cool: