(7/26/11) 8 on the Break Weekly #118

Another exciting tourney from the Break!


1: EMP Santhrax (Sagat, Ryu)
2: AG_DemonHyo (Blanka, Seth)
3: AG_MarlinPie (Yun)
4: AG_Kazi
5: Dynicksty
5: quotes
7: Mantan
7: AG_JD
9: AG_DaveD
9: coderius
9: KneeGrows2dGod
9: Rob
13: Nick
13: Zelos818
13: MonkeyHump
13: MaxOut
17: Icey
17: Ray C Cola

MvC 3

1: AG_MarlinPie (C. Viper, Magneto, Amaterasu)
2: EMP Santhrax (Storm, Wesker, Akuma)
3: Felax (X-23, Dante, Dormammu)
4: AG_DemonHyo
5: Rasahn
5: orso
7: AG_JD
7: MaxOut
9: DemonEyes
9: Quotes
13: Vex

hacker mike u butcher the shit out of my name is Emp Evil Rahsaan. and im a choke artist lol.

Hopefully I can come to the break in the next couple weeks and take one back for Florida.

Yo people need to start being more respectful at these tourneys. Specifically all you stickless borrowers. First off, if someone is nice enough to let you borrow their stick, say thank you. This only entitles you to touch it for as long as the owner allows, don’t bitch when they need it back.

Also, if you borrow someone’s stick bring it back to them after your match is over. Dont just get up and walk off leaving someone’s property unattended. Thats why people say no to you when you ask to borrow. RESPECT PEOPLES SHIT

You don’t like that? Get your broke ass to the store and buy one. It’s summer, you can pull some weeds or sell your shwag pot stash to make money.


and you’re 29 years old?

I hate people that do that kind of stuff. That’s why i won’t let anyone random borrow my stick anymore.

Niggas saving them funds for EVO if they ain’t already there, GS everyone.

i didnt get 5th place, my character did.

what does his age have anything to do with it? People need to learn to respect peoples stuff, especially when they ask to use it.

If you ask me to use my stick and I say “sure, bring it back when you are done” and you say “ok”. dont leave my stick on the floor and walk away from it, and definitely dont start passing it off to other players, who i dont know.

I never really understood what makes people so sensitive about their arcade sticks; When I am actually able to use mine a tourny I really don’t care we are all there for the exact same purpose; just let a guy use it. I play on 8 way so this NEVER HAPPENS so…yeah The tourny is small enough where you can just walk away and it will be fine =/

You are making this sound like it’s a major or something.

On top of that, even if someone disrespected your stick half of you forum complainers wouldn’t do shit about it. You would go online and act all tough and make imaginary scenarios if it were to happen again when I know over half of you,* well* over half of you, would do absolutely nothing.

the point flew right over your head

As most know, the tournaments are usually held up from shortage of sticks. PS3 is not the popular platform for sf4 and mvc3 and players should not be forced to buy their own sticks just to play in tournament. Borrowing sticks is expected at the break just remember to check if you have a match coming up before you lend it out.

BTW dont make it sound like everyone is disrespectful, most people are grateful and hand them back.


and remember respect goes both ways!!! (outside the game though fuck yunfeilongphoenix)

Dicknasty for president!