7/26 - Chinatown Fair 3S tourney results

Er, the results were pretty random. :confused: The tourney in general was pretty random but good shit to everyone who came to support the scene. Marvel players are awesome because they’re down for anything. Maybe you guys should play GG instead next time.

We did 1/1 double elim with $2 bucks entry. Pot split was 70/20/10 and we had 21 people so you do the math!

1st: Marn (reppin’ Texas and shit) Yun
2nd: MarlinPie (reppin’ Dirty Jersey) Ken
3rd: Chino (reppin’ CF!) Oro
4th: Daemon (reppin’ CF as well!) Yang
5th: Tinshi (is random) Oro
5th: Frankie (should have beat Tinshi) Ken
Double elim had a better reception than single game single elim. Next time we might do double elim teams.
Don’t forget to give feeback! We will hear your guys out! Just for the love of god, post more!

what did they win and how much?

what players did they use?


He knows this lol

Eric V out


I would like to thank Tinshit for paying for half my entry fee, also thank him for instating a random rule right before I play him (Same char throughout tourney), and also DQ’ing me and making me start in Loser’s. But it’s all okay. This tournament was random and fun.

Marn you were the yun that was pulling off kara palms right?



ah… I miss the game