7/26 San Bernardino, CA PSM Quick Results (MvC2/CvS2/3s/GGXX)


GGXX (17 players)

  1. C.Blue
  2. Justus
  3. Mr.Power

3s (14 players)

  1. Paul Lee
  2. Ken I
  3. fuson909

CvS2 (16 players)

  1. DJ-B13
  2. Viscant
  3. Sin

MvC2 (28 players)

  1. Sin
  2. SooMighty
  3. Duc

More on teams and stuff later. I’m tired.


good shit brian


congrats to my ho sin

Woman Knits Using Wool From Her Vagina

It was fun, but marvel was bullshit. Those sticks were terrible for anyone using msp…ahem…me…but yea, it was fairly well run and the free drinks/pizza/hats/money was dope. So props to carlos for organizing that shit, cblue for owning me, bill for being a hideously ugly freak, and zaza for housing me in his garage tent.

edit: I wasn’t aware it was coming out of eugene’s pocket. That was awesome of you. Thx :slight_smile:


That was depressing lol…I retire


thanks to MiniG. Thanks for letting us run the tourney in your arcade man. And thanks for the free pizzas and sodas. That must’ve cost u a fortune. Especially seeing how u didnt even get any profit from the tourney pot. Tell yur dad thnx.

What was really wack was how everyone was just leaving half empty drinks on the floor. Especially when it was given out for FREE. Least u can do is at least drink the whole bottle and throw it away. Damn everyone just trashed the place. Some of u guys gotta learn how to appreciate shit thats given to u for free.

Thanks for everything Eugene. Really appreciate it. GG 2 every1. All the sticks seemed fine to me. according to the peeps i went with, they said it was cool too.


Congrats to the winners of the four games and thanks to all who attended and to those who took the time to visit the location for the first time.

Some thoughts:

I apologize about the size of the room b/c I noticed that it was packed in there with peeps.

Some disappointing things observed:

First off: some people (not going to mention names) disrespected the equipment (mainly the controls). I refreshed all the controls up this past thursday of this week before today to make sure everyone starts off with fresh controls. The only new 360 sticks I changed were those of CvS 2 and MvC 2. 3s and GGXX 360s were fine to me, so those weren’t changed. All the button switches were changed on all four games with new ones so that they are all fresh and guaranteed to be in working condition.

Who in the world ripped off the coin line from GGXX and placed it on top of the monitor?? Now I have to put a new coin line on the game (no biggy though).

Second: The complimentary drinks. The point of complimentary drinks is to finish drinking them all the way and then throwing it away, returning to get another one to drink, and appreciating these compliments given to you; Not drink half of it then putting it into waste, getting another one to drink and repeat the same process, which I observed throughout the day. That was the one thing that really upset not only my Dad, but also myself. Should I hold another tourney in the future, the complimentary food and drinks may be cut off should the drink situation continue like this in a future tourney. I’m not blaming anyone, but this is just to let you know for everyone’s sake.

Overall, to me the whole arcade room was disrespected by messiness and ignorance. But i’m going to let this pass since this is still a new business being introduced to the city.

I would recommend to everyone that any tournament you attend in the near future, you should most importantly respect the arcade that is holding the tournament (if the controls suck, then obviously there should be some disrespecting there), don’t trash the place and make it messy if the arcade has a nice environment (that is just an immature thing to do and no business deserves that, unless the place is just terrible), last but not least, at the conclusion of the tournament, thank the arcade operator for holding the tournament in their arcade.

Doing at least these things would encourage arcade operators to continue holding tournaments in the near future in their arcade.

That’s all I have to say. Again, thank you to all who attended and congrats to the winners.

-Eugene (Mini G)


put trash cans next to the machines, people in general aren’t disrespectful, just LAZY.

anyways, thanks for the food and drinks!


Best part about the tournament…

when we were out in the parkin lot and i threw up a whole nights worth of alcohol… and even managed to puke on my left leg.

went something like this…

i get outta car…

Me: Hey Tony
Tony: Yeah…
Me:Wanna see something cool?
Tony: Yea… what.
Tony: Fuckin sick dude

All in all, fun tournament…
Thanks to everybody that whopped my ass…

So that would be Dasrik, Hung, Romel, Potter, Justus, Josh…

It was a good tounament Eugene…Tell your pops thanks for all the stuff. Time was a small issue, but i dont blame you…i blame all the fucks that kept hopping on the Marvel machines when it wasnt a tourney match…
I aint gonna mention names or anything…

but uhhh…Duc, Soo, Potter, Paul, Def, Power, Deus, Dasrik, Deuce,

shame on you mother fuckin mother fucks.


I doubt that would improve the situation though.

paulee & Strider Hiryu: No prob guys, everyone deserved it for taking the time to come down and compete or watch.


It’s just a comment based on what I’ve noticed at Family Fun and Camelot. Both allow beverages in the arcade area, but Family has trash cans set up next to some of the cabinets.

Camelot gets trashed, but Family stays relatively bottle free.


I guess I’ll add a few small ones in between certain games and then a big one along with it.


overall it was a good tourny IMO. from what i saw everyone had fun and besides some stupid shit which has already been discussed, everytime went fine.
Soo: dude i know you were pissed…thx for controling yourself and not hitting the matchine after the match…it would have looked really bad too.
id like to thank selfscience,scott,power,kenny, and anyone else that helped me run the tourny…i couldnt have made i though without you guyz…thx a bunch. and thx for everyone that showed it.
hope you guyz injoyed it.



Yeah that’s pretty fucken whack guys.


What is typically meant by the term "Fundamentals"?

I had a lot of fun, aside from gettin’ my ass owned in every fuckin’ game I played… :frowning: I wish I had skillz so maybe, just maybe I could win.


Why do I always have to play people who are five hundred times better than me in GGXX tournies? Ah, who am I kidding, that’s everyone. :frowning: :lol:

The tourney was a lot of fun. Thanks to Eugene, Scott, Carlos, Jon, and anyone else who ran things. GGs to Chaotic Blue, Justus, DEF, and Scott.

Venom > Baiken


lol it’s true…=o


Ya, I was pretty mad. Sorry I didn’t get to say bye to everyone. Ya’ll don’t want me around when I’m mad. But anyway, ya’ll ran a cool tournament. Hogging the cabinets was half the fun. And I would do it again. Good games Duc :slight_smile:


Dj-B13 posting…
GOod tourney man :)~!! thnak u all dudes.
nice meeting allot of u all :)~!! rn more…i’m still here for like 3 more weeks.Good job to all the winners too :wink:


I concur with my associate, Mr. Pimp.