7/28 July Juggernaut Results!

Super Turbo
1: Julien
2: Shinshay
3: Renrick
4: FBT
5: Comeback383
5: Angry Black
7: DevilJin01
7: Iceman
9: OOkamunka
9: Krost
9: Renegade
9: Biron
13: Sentient Program
13: Iraq Pat

1: Sanford
2: Angry Black
3: Rugal B
4: Havoc
5: Cheesemaster
5: Shinshay
7: Remick
9: Gimpy
9: Bchan
9: Flipkev
9: Seven

Tekken 5
1: Ryry
2: LOC
3: Turkeasy
4: Wojito
5: SMP
5: Sayco
7: Grimy Grizzly
7: USMC Jaguar
9: Cheesemaster
9: Basic
9: Rugal B
9: DOC
13: PK
13: Sanford
13: Millionz
13: Josh Wong
17: XB
17: NAS

1: Angry Black
2: DevilJin01
3: OOkamunka
4: Renegade
5: Havoc
5: Ramza
7: FBT
7: Shinshay
9: Iraq Pat
9: Miyagishin
9: BBhood
13: Iceman

3rd Strike

1: eric im going to vegas lee
2: Steve “I’m focused now” Harrison
3: Ramza
4: TornadoFlame
5: DevilJin01
5: Renrick
7: Comeback383
9: Miyagishin
9: BBhood
9: Sentient Program
9: Smokemaster
13: Gimpy

GGXX2 (11teams)

  1. Jamie, Damien, Josh
  2. Marlin, HNH
  3. GwtDan, Shazay, Steve

Highlight of tourney:

Grand Final CvS2: Sanford vs Steve, Chun vs Sagat.

Sanford’s chun anti air’s steve w/ low roundhouse, steve parries.
Sandford cancels into puffball super, Steve parries the entire thing, lands, Stand FP-> Tiger uppercut for the finish. Crowd goes crazy!

Best finals ever!

Whoa 3rd results are a bit random as usual.

It’s cool that shinshay showed up though. How many entries for games? don’t tell me there were 13 for 3rd!?

i never felt so cheated while simply matching a match before, cvs2 gf was a rollercoaster. i spent more energy+focus on being a spectator than actually playing:sad: once again isaac fucking graham never bets wrong. gs to sanford for being clutch like jordan tho.

Whoever was there last night witnessed something amasing in those cvs2 finals with me/steve h Ive NEVER played someone so on point in my life in this game…I have no more words everyone that was there knows those finals had to been seen to be believed…best finals EVER!!!

I have 1 word for Steve Harrison RESPECT:china:

so 3rd strike started how many hours after lock in?

good shit on winning that shinshay makes me feel like im learning from a god :smile:

even though there was no marvel tourney, gs to all the people i played, crazy ass D Hyo raping everyone with low tiers.

was cool seein some 3s heads from srk, gs to all the people i played.

oh yea and did 3s teams ever happen?

and who on srk was there, the asian guy with pink dudley, and another guy with black alex? that reminds me gs to PVFP for winning a round with 1 button with alex lol that owns.

erik k - i need an ownage session from you the next tourney i wanted to play against that ownage makoto :smile:

I told steve h that he cant beat sanfordddd!!!

good shit sanford. No marvel results? <333

There was no mvc2 unfortunately, this area wont really get down anymore in that game.
Good shit to everyone, sounds like it was a blast.

Yeah this tournament had some things that were interesting. My fucking stick is on the fritz and got me hemed up in 3S. :annoy: But the real story is what happened after the tournament at the IHOP. SMH @ Virginia. :lol:

Yes, and I was there to watch it. Like I said you are simply AMAZING cause we don’t even play cvs2 at home lol!

But yea, Steve Harrison gets mad respect and he deserves it. Best P groove player in the world! Those parry’s he did on the chun li super was amazing!

Copy pasta:

GGXX AC Teams results (11 teams, 32 entries)~
1st Jamie (TE), Damian (AB), Josh (KY)
2nd MarlinPie (ED), HNH (SO)
3rd Gwy Blood (AX), Shazay (SL), Steve H. (KY)
4th Seth (AB), DizzDan (DI), 4r5 (JO)

I don’t remember who got 5th x.x~

GGs everyone, this was a really fun tourney. Props to everyone who came out (MD, DE, NJ, PA, SOVA, NOVA, blah blah).

Sorry to the guy I forgot to put in the brackets. I was going by the paid slips and yours must’ve been misplaced or something.

Next month will probably be standard singles.

Skisonic is my hero.

Other heroes include Eric V and Isaac Graham.

Damn it, can’t believe I missed another one (even though I could’ve posted up earlier). My knee blew out so I had to do some physical therapy instead :(. Ah well I’m hopin I can make it to the next one.

Btw, the Sanford vs Steve match, was it recorded?

GGS everybody.

CvS2 was crazy hype. Good shit to the new guys and old guys alike.

A2. Hype.

Good seeing everyone. Until next time…

GG’s to everyone that came. A2 was good but still not patient enough for Steve. Tried to do too much flashy shit and didn’t focus on what works. Today overall was an unfocused night for me. Didn’t even realize I was playing a tourney match when I was playing Tornado Flame. Didn’t take that match seriously at all. Still played a solid game and it was good to see you place. Didn’t even remember to pick up my Alpha 2 money. Renegade…can you get that for me on the next one?

Yeah that was pretty lame especially cause i was doing well with my Venom in Casuals…


Good Games with Everyone. Mr Orange Sagat Pants failed in the Chun Li match up. (damn u robin)

It was fun seeing yall, look foward to next C3.

O and no more Ihop, we now drive to the Mean Streets of Gburg if we have to.:sweat:

CVS2 is now the most serious game btw, Ima drink my tea and get on that.

haha thanks for puttin up the MB results TF…

well gg’s to all i play…

Rem… next time im entering that 3s shit … as long as it’s not like around 10 when it starts (god damn!!!)

all this cvs2 seriousness has gotten me hype so imma practice it up man…

and thanks to all the MB players… ill run the tourneys if peoples want it… (which i know most will)

and speciall gg’s to Myagi and bbhood…fun talking to you guys about the different games we play (esp. Melty)

and also Deviljin… .we should start making that club baging Cvs2 music… cuse who knows… we’ll invent the DP dance… im on it!!!

if i played melty blood i would have got top 3

GGs everyone. It’s been about 2 yrs since i’ve been to my last tourney and this was pretty dope, except for everything starting so late. Steve vs Sanford was truly epic. That was some of the best cvs i’ve seen in a looong time. GGs everyone i played in casuals and in the tournies. Also renegade you spelled my name wrong lol, check your pms.

Stupid question guys, but I want to come down to the next one, and I was told I can take the fob bus to DC and then get ride from DC (by someone willing to do so).

Anyone know where I can get more information on this?

And good shit to Sanford and Steve!

For a ride someone could probably get you from the Vienna metro stop~