7/29 DC/MD/VA 3rd Strike *EVO Sponsorship!* +GGXX/ & SSBM @C3= Singles+Teams!


*** UPDATE 7/26*****

GGXX Slash is back on, due to Shin Masta’s gathering being canceled.

These tourneys will still be held:

CvS2: (10$)

Alpha Anthology (10$) Tournament
The alpha anthology tourney will actually be 3 tournaments.

Alpha 2
Alpha 3
The player with highest placings by point system will be awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
Ties will be broken via Alpha 1 or Pocket Fighter based on a coin flip. :smiley:
Only ban in Hyper is Shin Akuma, And L-Ism glitch.

Hey you guys. I know july is a crowded month, but c3 is doing it’s “august monthly” a little early due to august being even worse.

I have talked to shin masta about his gathering on 7/29.

I know VTYME is the week before, but C3 sponsorship is for good players on the mid atlantic

The 3S Sponsorship is 500$ Which include plane ticket, registration, and lodging expenses.

Please post comments/ thoughts.

Tourney Location:
C3CyberClub 571-323-1091
46950 Community Plaza - Suite 201A
Sterling, VA 20164

(HINT TO FINDING THE PLACE: It’s in a shopping center off Rt 7 with a Chik-Fil A, Shoppers, and EB games in it. It’s behind wendy’s.

Sf3 3S Sponsorship Standings:
DJ (2300+380)= 2680 points
Eric K (950+766.66) = 1717
Eric Lee= 1150
Steve Harrison= 633
CajunStrike= 575
10x (329+211)= 540
ROCKMAN= (271+209) 480
Victor= 475
YPEI= 329
MOD= 271


12pm: SSBM: Game Cube (Singles+Pairs) (10$)

4pm: GGXX SLASH!! (30 per team$) Teams 3v3
Street Fighter 3 Third Strike: PS2 Teams 3v3 (30 per team$)

SF3 3S Singles (10$)
GGXX/ Singles (10$)

Both will start AFTER the Team Tourneys. This is a guaruntee!

Some systems and games are needed: If you can post up what you can bring, that’d be great.

SSBM is bring your own controller.

All games will be round robin pools to qualify/be seeded into the main double elim bracket. The pools will be smaller in this next tourney. I’m aiming for pools of 4 or 5 where 2 will advance.

Exact #'s of final qualifying bracket and the size of the pools will be determined by # of entrants.

Tourney Fees:

Tourney entrance fee: 10$ for GG, 3S, SSBM

Venue Fee: 5$

Standard Rules for all games.

Payout per tourney:

<10 entrants 66/33
10-20 entrants: 58/28/14
over 20 entrants 53/26/14/7
over 50 entrants 50/25/12.5/6.25/3.125/3.125

GET MONEY! I’m down fo this. Exodus…you best be there to teach me some shit. I’m looking for that sponsorship no doubt.

i won’t be there :wink:

OK i WONT be hosting 3s at my gathenrig so you have 3s man. Good luck at your event

Hey Robin, I’d like to make a head to head setup for 3s at this tournament. Y’know, like two tvs and one console, let me know what’s up and i’ll bring the materials.

Is that possible? Split the video output from the PS2? What advantage would that have? Besides looking cool?

well there would be extra tvs without all the extra tourneys

I am going to make a comeback on this one, I need that sponsorship forreal man…

Yeah…we’re gonna have lots of sparring practice for the tournament now that you’re representin G-Town. What ya really kno bout dat? :cool:

Common man, you should know this. It’s just like japanese head to head style arcade cabinets.

Firstly, you have your own screen. Secondly, you can’t see or hear your opponents joystick. My friend Jesse and I tried this setup two nights ago and it is BEAST.

Yeah…I know they can do this shit in the arcades but I’ve only seen it done in some match vids in Europe. That would be hella sweet if you could set it up.

come on, you know i love doing random tackles when i hear someone press a button :sad:

haha but anyways, i dont think i can make it to this one…i forgot that i had a party to DJ and it was booked over a month ago so that didnt come to mind until i looked at my calendar…i’ve been too into the damn tournament scene this month. have fun to everyone who goes

update: there is now a possibility that i will be attending.

I’m coming to shizzy. 3S for life. Remy FTW.

so many tourneys x_x… not that it’s a bad thing, lol. I’ll see if I can make it

Love to see you come down. :tup:

I <3 you.

That’s right…spread the love in the DC metro area. No need for the bias and haterade. :tup:

No CVS2?

Well, if the people who played CvS2 in the nova area actually showed up to the last tourney, then yeah. But the turnouts have been hrmm… “less than spectacular”.

And the last two tourneys was like 60% B-more players.

April= 12 players
May= Cancelled
June 16 Players
July= 9 players


Due to GGXX/ being canceled, Alpha anthology and CvS2 have been added. Hope to see you there.