7/29 MD/DC/VA CvS2 & Alpha Anthology Tourney @ C3

7/29 C3

Update to the 3S qualifying tourney:


all starting at 4pm:

CvS2: (10$)

Alpha Anthology (10$) Tournament
The alpha anthology tourney will actually be 3 tournaments.

Alpha 2
Alpha 3
The player with highest placings by point system will be awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
Ties will be broken via Alpha 1 or Pocket Fighter based on a coin flip. :smiley:
Only ban in Hyper is Shin Akuma, And L-Ism glitch.


AA tournament sounds interesting.

I’m down for some Hyper. Alpha 2 sounds good also. Alpha 3…I don’t really care a whole lot for A3. I don’t like how V-ism runs the game. Too lazy to learn V combos. I like A2 CC cheese. :lol:

I was going to come to this for sure, but then ggxx got canceled… but I might still come for alpha anthologies. I just really hope enough people show for that tournament to not be canned.

Edit what is the L-ism glitch? is that the 90% damage throw, or messed up sprites glitch or something completely different?

DJ: Sak’s, Sagat, Gief, Cammy/Juni, and Honda all have brain dead customs. Take less than an hour to learn. CC’s in A2 were like way more damaging and took way less effort. Especially Rolento’s… Jesus.

PsiPhi: Sorry about the GGXX cancelation, Shin Masta is having his GGXX gathering, and it seems everyone is going to that. Given the nature of the AA tourney, I think it will have a good amount of interest. Got us 4 down already!

Yeah…Hav showed me Rolento’s lame ass custom yesterday during casuals. That ish is plain stupid. I still like Alpha 2 though. Retartedly powerful Alpha counters FTW. Someone teach me a braindead custom with Gief and I’ll sign up for A3.

Oh wait…the Hyper tournament is a Hyper Alpha tournament. Never mind…don’t wanna get myself into any of that randomness. If someone wants to do Hyper SF casuals just let me know. A tournament would be awesoem too.

Gief VC

VC3-> Kck Lariat-> [s. FP XX whiff Fierce Glove] to corner-> [s. RH XX whiff Glove] xN-> OTG Suplex

Good for any situation. Now play.

DJ: It is an ALpha Anthology tourney. One buyin enters you into

  1. Alpha 2
  2. Alpha 3
    3 Hyper Alpha

The person with the most points is the winner. It should be really fun.

Havoc: With that Gief VC, you don’t need to cancel the stand RH in the corner, it can cancel into itself, and there’s never a neutral state.

PsiPhi: Yes, Lism glitch is 99% Throw.

Sounds good to me.

Going to be out of town, so you’re all going to miss my shadloo bison. And for gief extended grab > VC. GL all, sounds like it’ll be a good one.

Yep immma hit this tourny up

Yo Robin If you wanna run guilty gear you can. Some serious issues have come up and im not going to be able to host my gathering. Family duty calls =(. So if you can, just run guilty gear so people will have gg to play this weekend. Im really sorry about all of this.