7/29 MVC2 Masters Tournament in Philly

On the 29th we are having our MVC2 masters tournament.


We have 5 MVC2 cabinets so this should run very smoothly
Date July 29th
Time 12:00 noon
Entry Fee $5.00

Pot split 70/20/10
Double elimination
2/3 games
semis 3/5
final 4/7

**The winners name will be engraved on the MC2 Master cup will stay on display at University Pinball FOREVER. **


University Pinball
4006 - 08 Spruce ST
Philadelphia, PA 19143


We all know brandon wants that trophy is anyone gonna step up and give him a challenge other than Braheem rofl

This will prob be another wack random philly tournament where no one shows up because they’re scared of competition. Hmm, in that case how about this. If the comp is just too scared of everything, then I’ll use cammy the entire tournament.

fock i haven’t played since ecc but the masters cup has always meant so much to me… i dunno how but i’ll have to win…

EDIT: did u say UP has 5 fucking mvc2 cabinets now???

SInce im moving to pa maybe i can learn marvel now <3

Yeah Damian they got 5 but the other two they got the sticks need to be tweaked n the button layout not even plus they dont have all the characters to play with yet either…stupid japanese version :slight_smile:

Meh, idk if I’ll show. No one will really care about some random trophey being displayed in the arcade. Random people that come in don’t even know what Mvc2 stands for, or will not care. Besides, being able to take the trophey home is MUCH COOLER and worth playing for. Why can’t we take it home if we win?

Curious… Who won the trophy? Didn’t stay long enough to find out… Also, will eric b hosting any more tournies at UP? Need reason to practice (much) more in MvC2…