7/29 SOVA Monthly in Newport News, VA - $200 Bonus Prize for MVC2

Time: Signups start at 2pm. Tourney starts at 3pm.

Date: Sunday July 29, 2007

Location: Play-A-Round Golf and Games
89 Nelson Dr.
Newport News, VA
(757) 591-2800

Games: Tekken DR, MVC 2, 3rd Strike

Entry Fee: $10 for Tekken DR and MVC 2
$5 for 3rd Strike

Format: Double Elimination 2/3
3/5 Finals, 4/7 Grand Finals

Pay outs: 70/20/10

An extra $200 will be added for 1st place in mvc2 if the tournament exceeds 32 players.

Update (7/28/2007): There’s a chance that I might not be able to show up to the tournament this time. I have an emergency situation on saturday which may last the rest of the weekend. There are plenty of staff at PAGG that will support.

Good looking out.

I’ll try to make it, let’s see if I can take off work :slight_smile:

If you guys can get shamy/omar, i will be there

Oh shiiiiiiiiit. Get hype.

Can we do a tourney for Deal or No Deal?

yes, I’ll be there

When’s the early gathering?

Just try and make it out hopefully there will be some good comp there and Ryry won’t win this time.

I’ll try my best to show up. This weekend has been tight on schedule for me so I might not be able to make it to the Colonial Heights tournament.

You know I always bring good comp at pagg. Well for mvc2 and 3s and not tekken dr because I never play that game.

Do you play any other fighting games? Pagg now has a MAME cabinet and pretty much has any fighting game you’ve ever heard of now. So you should come and check it out.

What are the usual turn out for these things? and how far is it from C3 venue? I would like to come. THANKS LOL

The usual turnout is around 10-15 players for mvc2. There’s more for Tekken DR since the SOVA community is larger on that game. 3S has the least turnout. It’s going to take about 3 hours to get from PAGG from C3. Let me know if you’re definitely coming so I can plan things ahead.

gs gs im coming to this one too

I can bring a console/tv too if needed. Also, does PAGG have WiFi for my girlfriend to play her DS while I’m losing at MvC2 and can I film the matches there?

Yeah bring the console for cvs2. I can setup side tournaments if there are enough people to enter.

Bring a console and what not they usually don’t have a problem with us setting up other stations.

JustinW- You should really come it’s only a few hours from c3 and will most likely have a larger turnout for MVC2 and will definately have more in Tekken.

Will there be a CvS2 tournament?

Sure. If you can bring at least 10 people to play it, I will set you guys up. I can provide ps2, game, and tv. Just bring your own stick.

Just to make things hype. If we manage to get a 32 man tournament in mvc2, I will put in an extra $200 bonus for 1st place. So Justin, if you are serious about coming then you should bring sanford, yipes, smooth viper, philly, nj, and ny crew.


Would be nice if we could get some of the OG players to come out for this especially if Justin is coming.