7/3 MvC2 Camelot weekly Results

  1. Clockw0rk - His strider is simply amazing to watch.
  2. Genghis - Only person I’ve seen to make team scrub look fun.
  3. Taiji - His MSP is like whoa!:eek: Might as well let go of the joy stick cuz you aint blockin his crossups.
    3-999. Can’t remember.
  4. Practice - I suck!
  5. Deuce - Deuce sucks even more!

my sentinel sucks! mash the assist button all day!

but i’ll snap out your mags with sent! donkey punch deez nuts! ughhhhhhhhhh

clock = 2g00d

LoL. Commando whore! Stop beating with the magus!

sup practice, nice meeting ya. you should goto cal poly gameroom sometime

genghis and clock, u guys beasting it like usual… gg

Sup Taiji! Good games a Camelot! I’ll be sure to play you at Cal Poly. How often are you there? Anyways Evolution is going to be at Cal Poly so that’s gonna save you a trip. See you at Evo.