7/3 MVC2 @ The Break Results!


around 10 people showed up, first time in a while NY didn’t show to take our money :smiley: more people should show up next week
here’s the top 5

  1. shawn starbury morgan - ms^2, omega red/mag/sent
  2. ed the truth espino - ms^2, mag/cable/sent
  3. rob sigley - mag/cable/tron, scrub
  4. david - mag/sent/cyclops, mag/storm/cyclops
  5. phil - storm/sent/doom, mag/cable/sent
  6. steve - ironman/cable/sent

winners finals was 2-0 shawn over me
loser finals was 3-1 ed over me
grand finals was 3-2 (or 3-1?) shawn over ed

highlight of the night had to be 30 year old man freestyling on DDR or Matt’s willingness to continue on with a busted open finger to a 9 game win streak his longest ever :smiley:


And when I mentioned something simular to this, Alex decided to flame me…


:wtf: I did?



Edit: Uhhh…Where are the Apex results? Players don’t get any recognition if they are not seen on the front page of Shoryuken… Howcome the results are only posted up 2 hours after the tournament when NYC comes?