[7/30] 5th UP Tournament result! Philadelphia/PA

Grats on Skye for the first winning of UP tournament!!!


1: Skyet - E.Honda ($95)
2: Dr. chaos - Ryu, Ken ($45)
3: Demon. Hyo - Seth, Blanka, Chun, Cammy ($10)
4: EvilDrakefang - Cammy
5: Kazi - El fuerte
5: fecalpenance - M.Bison
7: Wapo
7: Dave2
9: Matt
9: Rondomheat
9: JD
9: Josh
13: KaiZOku MiKe
13: Lee
13: Kattermari
13: HubbsDoctor

Started at 8:30
Finished at 11pm

3 stations used
32" Samsung HDTV with Lee’s Xbox360
32" Samsung HDTV with HubbsDoctor’s Xbox360
22" ASUS HDTV with my Xbox360

2 Madcatz TE house sticks used

top5 please.

Look at those mid-low tier geniuses holding it down, good shit!

yeah… PA has some mid-low tier players lol

That rose player was somethin fierce…guys a monster!

Great matches to anyone and I played and everyone I didn’t.

Wish I could make it out to these more often. XBL is cool and all, but… heh, you all know the end of that story.

hey wapo

your bison was pretty good

hope we can see you on next one too!!

gg skye…

wish I could make it to these tournys…:crybaby:

We need to use one ps3.

Good games to everyone I haven’t played sf4 in a while and it was fun! I got my 1st double perfect in tournament with seth woot!

I got my first double perfect on tournament at EVO Semifinal against RYU player lmao

I saw that match, good stuff…

On a much more pathetic note I got my first win of any kind at a tournament last night :rofl:

From what I saw(and played with your Bison) I doubt it…

cuz your bison play was above the average

EDIT: lol I just noticed that I have faced two players twice last night
in winners, first round with Kazi and second round with Demon Hyo
in losers, first round with kazi and second round with Demon Hyo again!!!
man 16 men bracket sucs…

haha too good, one!

Good Job guys Dhyo Stick to 2 characters for a bit man ur over working yourself Cammy/Seth ftw.

Thanks, man. I haven’t played in a while so I just wanted to try people out. But yea two characters is a better choice.

Great match and nice meeting you Skyet. I was the Balrog you played in your second match (sooo clutch). Definitely will make it for next tourney.