7/30 FFA CvS2 Tourney

Yup, I wasn’t gonna go to the 3rd Strike tourney, but then I’m like EVO is coming up shortly so I went, and when I got there I decided to throw a CvS2 Tourney, single elim, one game all the way. And the results are:

1st - Ken I.
2nd - Amir
3rd - Joe
4th - Christian
5th - Ed Ma
5th - J-Peso
7th - Geese
7th - Muffin Man
9th - Windy Man
9th - Miguel
9th - Tommy
9th - Daniel

12 entrants and hella dope finals with Ken I. and Amir. Roll cancelling like crazy on each other and ending with both hitting each other, both of their lives are gone, but Ken I.'s E.Honda is still standing to win the tourney. GGs to all. If I go to Saturday’s tourney, I don’t mind throwing another one with same rules. This tourney took me 1 hour to finish, so as long I rock it right, no problem. I’m out. Peace.

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[This tournament was brought to you by the Southtown Syndicate]

lol…sounds like the finals were hype

yea, me and Amir both had like <5% health, he does RC psycho crusher, I do lvl 2 super (somewhat invincible, not quite…), and we trade…'cept I was left standing w/like a pixel left :slight_smile: