7/30 Rhode Island: Battle for the Higher Ground Results!

Sorry for the late results but we were all mad tired from the tourney. 3 hour sleep sucks…

CvS2 (25 competitors)
1st/2nd- Jwong + Ricky Ortiz (Empire)
3rd- Nestor Corchado (Team Hate/TGA)
4th- Smoothcat (Team Hate/TGA)
5th- VDO
5th- Tony Barnage

SF3s (25 competitors)
1st/2nd- Jwong + Ricky Ortiz (Empire)
3rd- John G. aka Flash (Empire)
4th- Nestor Corchado (Team Hate/TGA)
5th- Smoothcat (Team Hate/TGA)
5th- Mukai (Team Hate/TGA)

GGXX#r (19 competitors)
1st- Marlin Pie
2nd- James Austin
3rd- Adam
4th- Hanzo
5th- Nestor Corchado (Team Hate/TGA)
5th- Moun (DenJin)

Rumble Fish 2
1st-Justin Wong (Empire) Mito
2nd-James Sekator (Denjin) Aran/Sheryl
3rd-Ricky Ortiz (Empire) Greed
4th-Dwayne (Denjin) Aran
5th-Random James (NJ) Hazama
5th-PJC (Team Kind Bud) Zen

Tekken 5
1st-Ricky O. (Empire)
2nd-Justin Wo (Empire)
3rd-James Sekator (Denjin/Team KB)
5th-Moeun Mang (Denjin)
5th-Shankar T. (Denjin/Empire)

2nd-Ricky O.
3rd-Tony Barnage
5th-Danny Ng.

Thank you all for showing up to this little tourney. I can not thank everyone enough for bearing with the heat/small room, it’s been a pleasure running this tourney for all you guys (note to selves, this was my first tourney i ran).

To all the NYers/NJers, it’s been great meeting you guys for the first time/second time. I hope you guys will be able to come again so that we can make tourneys alot more interesting.

To all of New England, thank you guys for showing up, you really made this tourney worth running, you guys have been a great help to the fighting game community and for TGA’s new arcade room. I hope to see all of you guys again soon so that we can LEVEL UP in our skillz.

(Speaking of more tourneys, this will probably be the last one that will be held in a small ass room, we’re looking into getting more room which is 3x in size).


To the travelers:

  • Jwong + Ricky, great comp you guys brought in, and hope you guys like the shirts.
  • Jwong/Ricky vs. Nestor/Smoothcat matches were TOO HOT!
  • MarlinPie = too good, but his weakness = PJC, I MEAN Potemkin.
  • VDO, thank you for coming down, its been coo meetin ya, sorry for the sticks not being american, haha. Hey! Adaptaaationn son…

To the fellow TGAers:

  • Nestor = A groove KING! Keep representin!
  • Smootcat = K groove BEAST! Matches are too HOT!
  • Mukai = overly HATING!
  • PJC, sorry SORRY for the sign up mix ups, haha man too fucking tired.
  • Josh J, thanks for helping out, again me and andy cant thank you enough! Hope you won’t die anytime soon, haha.
  • Dipstick = good man, good man. Thanks again for the help, things wouldn’t have gone well if you didn’t lend a hand.
  • Rest of TGA staff = GRAZIE you guys to the fullest!
  • T5 players: PLAY 2-D!!!

Notes to myself/TGA staff:

  • Be a little bit more prepared.
  • Make reserves on the other two rooms.
  • Get more head to head cabinets.
  • Better working A/C + more fans.
  • and more hot babes.

Alright, thanks again you guys, hope to hear/see you more in the near future, keep posted at www.tokyogameaction.com for the NEW FIGHTING GAME FORUMS AND TOURNEYS!

TGA Staff

Yo Shankar can you hook me up with the new Doom tracks?

The newest tracks I have from the DangerDoom project are:

Mince Meat
Sofa King
Old School ft. Talib Kweli
The Mask ft. Ghostface Killa

Just hit me up on the IM, I’ll hook you up!

Oh shit Talib and GHOSTFACE is on it!?

Yo how do you get those hacked Metro cards too?

Team Hate good job. Lets all get ready for evo

The best part was when smooth pointed at the Hero poster and read it out loud…
“One man alone will challenge an Empire”… 2hot!.. too bad that didn’t happen here, but it was still funny as heel at the time.


ps- On a more serious note:
Justin, Ricky and friends got into a car accident after they left, Everyone is ok! sleep at the wheel owns…

yeah yeah team hate was doing the damn thing. nigga’s are going to fear us real soon. great job team hate well get those bitch ass nigga’s next time. yo there was alot scared bullshit nigga’s was pullin. but it’s ok we still kick ass and laugh about it. p.s. yo sabin we need to play sometime holla at the kid son

sorry i couldnt make it to this one, i really wanted to.
good shit to all my peoples.

thats good no one got hurt

Sleeping at the wheel own the Empire Free.

Congrats Shankar on your tournament. You did well. The same can’t be said for the main state. We got bumbarded and raped. July 31st will go down as the greatest day the Empire got raped. So far. :tdown:

At least you Justin and Ricky, brought some light in that dark day. Hail.

Shit my bad about sleeping. LoL I was madd tired and those fuckers wouldn’t even let me take a nap. I pulled over like 5 times and took quick 10 minute breaks…I made it home ok…but then I went to drop off my female friend with us that day. On the way home from THERE…thats when I fell asleep. Nothing too bad…lil scuff on the side of my car and a flat tire. But everyone was ok. Just clearing it up. People make it sound like it was DEATH…tho I was going about 70MPH or so…so I guess it is a little scary.

LoL On another note, I wish those sticks were AMERICAN as well. No Double Fireball = No Flashy Hazama super V__V

If it’s not at TGA it don’t count.