7/31/2010 Civil War Results! Richmond, VA

Thanks everyone for coming out! It was a great turnout, despite no Nova/MD presence at all (you guys are lame), and some great matches were had by all.

Some of the arcade cab tourneys were canceled, but we still ran ST and 3S.

Stay tuned for the next tourney, sometime around labor day.


1 Arturo “sabin” Sanchez (EMP) Queens, NY 1 $252.00
2 min CT 4 $126.00
3 William “moose” hummel Richmond, VA 2 $42.00
4 Ryan “RyRy” Cadiente Virginia Beach, VA 3 $0.00
5 David-Paul “JiBbo” Mattock Fayetteville, NC 5 $0.00
5 Thomas “Knuckledust” Chadwick Fayetteville, NC 11 $0.00
7 Matthew Kavalek Virginia Beach 6 $0.00
7 Justin “DBC” Roberts Norfolk, VA 7 $0.00
9 Robin “Renegade” Palm Richmond, VA 8 $0.00
9 Joe “Joe S” Sucgang SOVA 9 $0.00
9 Keven “K1Sauce” Peavie SOVA 10 $0.00
9 Jason “kitsuneking” Jaring SOVA 16 $0.00
13 Adam Lane RVA 19 $0.00
13 SeanMiyagi SOVA 21 $0.00
13 Charles “Rioting Soul” Branch Richmond, VA 29 $0.00
13 Christopher Brenke Richmond, VA 31 $0.00
17 LV 12 $0.00
17 Strogg 14 $0.00
17 Jaime Escanellas SOVA 17 $0.00
17 Richard “Ariez” Valentine SOVA 20 $0.00
17 Jamall Fowler Charlottesville, VA 22 $0.00
17 Brandon Brown Richmond, VA 32 $0.00
17 Ja Virginia Beach, VA 39 $0.00
17 Ryan “dsinnie” Robert Chesapeake, VA 41 $0.00
25 Face 15 $0.00
25 Andrew S SOVA 18 $0.00
25 Patrick “Havitz” Powell Charlottesville, VA 25 $0.00
25 Christian Brenke Richmond, VA 28 $0.00
25 Andrew Lewis Richmond VA 30 $0.00
25 David Mayo Richmond, VA 36 $0.00
25 Matt Jordan Richmond, VA 37 $0.00
25 Steve Morris Fredricksburg 42 $0.00
33 Andrew Lane 13 $0.00
33 Greg Morris Charlottesville, VA 23 $0.00
33 John Powell Charlottesville, VA 24 $0.00
33 alex taylor Charlottesville, VA 26 $0.00
33 Scott B. Fredricksburg, VA 27 $0.00
33 Corey “Debaser” Caudill Richmond, VA 33 $0.00
33 Reggie Butler Richmond VA 34 $0.00
33 Matthew Taylor Richmond, VA 35 $0.00
33 Channing “Vamp454” Batiste Petersburg, VA 38 $0.00
33 Matthew “Gummowned” Gummo Virginia Beach, VA 40 $0.00

SSF4 teams

  1. Moose/Min/Art
  2. Ryry/JoeS/KevMan
  3. Renegade/Adam/Charles
  4. Foomy/10x/Jaime
  5. Jibbo/Knuckledust/Ariez
  6. DBC/SeanMiyagi/Dinnie
  7. g0est/Ja/Andrew
  8. Steve/Scott/Strogg
  9. Corey/Everett/Channing

3S (12 players)

  1. Knuckledust
  2. Jibbo
  3. Everett
  4. Face

Arturo won the ST round robin

GS robin sorry i couldnt make it buddy. But i will be at your next event.

Where were the MD players.

Don’t forget the puzzle fighter champ here!!!

GG’s all. Min, nice meeting you.

Welcome to Richmond, where we hand out the most epic prizes randomly. That Kratos mask was too good.

awesome tournament. rly nice venue

thank u to renegade for hosting and letting me crash at ur crib

nice seeing va/nc crew especially all the new ppl

shout outs to MOOSE HUMMEL and JIBBO

extra shout outs to ryry getting the kratos mask for 4th. wear that shit at summer jam and blow ppl up demigod status

gg everybody

damn, i woulda won this one too. gs guys.

Nice stuff over at Strange Matter. Glad to see u all and play u guys again. Big ups to Renegade for hosting another beast tourney. Another big ups to The NC crew (JiBbo, Knuckledust, and Face) and Min and Arturo for coming.

Sry Sabin, I almost stepped on ya when u were sleepin near me, hehe

Hope to see u all again soon

nice tourney ggs to everyone I played and my name only has one (L) in it Jamal lol O well

It was an awesome tournament! Gratz to the winners!.. Hope to see everyone in cville on the 21st!

big ups to NC for hype 3s, dope stuff,
good shit min, impressively solid honda, sick tournament robin, sucks i didn’t get to play, next time.

Loving the venue hardcore. It’s like the Break with booze…kind of.

Gs to all the NC people I met. You guys are real good at 3s. Let’s play some 4 next time? lololol jk

Good to meet Min and lose to his solid Honda (is it the stick?).

Gs to Strogg for the new controls and for generally being hilarious. Nice to meet you, man.

Gs to all the new faces I saw there. Shout outs to the dood who played Ibuki.

Gs to Robin for teaching me that I should keep an eye on Giefs meter because he’s a russian that will do you dirty if you don’t pay attention.

And last but not least, gs to every one of my brothers from SOVA for holding it down and making it a fun tournament. Foomy/Mito, we’ll get em next time (lentil burgers ftw). Ja, you are just too buck my dood. Dsinnie, much obliged for the beer and for the freudian slip lolololol. Gummo good shit for holding it down on the ride back.

Shoutouts to me being a potmonster in SSF4 once again. Fuck, I seriously need to get more practice in.

I got pretty far in Puzzle Fighter though, considering I had never played it before that day. That shit was so hype. Especially the motherfucking money match Strogg and Gummo had.

I really wanted to get some BB:CS casuals in, but that didn’t happen. :frowning:

NGBC would’ve been pretty fun too, but I didn’t even think of playing that until I heard Robin mention the game while I was playing Strikers.

Good shit to everyone for being generally cool folks. Y’all are so much fun to be around.

Also, Robin, I’d love it if you’d replace those joysticks at the Strikers 1945 II cabinet with something more sensitive and precise. That game is so much fun, but the deadzone on those sticks is so goddamn huge that it makes it kind of difficult to play. D:

I know that Strange Matter is a traditional American arcade, but do you think you could get some Japanese sticks in that shit? Just with how tense Happs are, they don’t seem like they’d be all that great for playing shmups. :x

GG’s to everyone i played. Very fun tournament Robin, thanks man.

Shouts to Min and the knowledge you dropped on me.

I’m never gonna drop P1 headbutt->ultra again. i swear xD

I had a really fun time.

It was good to see people getting hype over 3S. Game will never die.

Everett, holy shit you were leveling up right in front of my eyes. Keep up the good shit. You definitely don’t need aegis to have a scary Urien anymore.

10x, you got skill man keep on playing, it was really good to meet you. Hope we can play again sometime.

NC, We are really good at 3S…still.

Ryry, way to battle back so you could get revenge you asshole. :arazz: Good seeing you again, you’re a beast. Get good at 3S now.

Robin, thanks for putting on a good tourney again, you can always count me in for Strange Matter tourneys, especially if there is 3S to be played.

Good Shit Strogg for having a GDLK game in that cabinet and not letting me perfect you while you were drunk.

SSF4, Go to hell you piece of shit ****** game.

3S, Continue to rape SSF4 in it’s ass with no lubricant.

GS to all the winners.

Strange Matter was an awesome venue. I would definitely come back to support it.

Good to see everyone, GGs in 3s - Jibbo’s Hugo was amazing as always.

Another good tourny had alot of fun

it was nice to see NC again and for sabin and min to come down nice hanging with yall

ggs to everyone i played i still have alot of leveling up to do

thanks for hosting. nice to see NC and the crew. I fucking hate 3s so much but you guys kept it really interesting. good job. thanks to renegade. shoutouts to moose for having 2 kids but still being really good with no comp around him. what happened to md/nova? :sad:

gs to everybody that came out

arturo - best sim in this side of the hemisphere. makes me want play sim again
min - good shit. i dont think we played one match against each other. but your knowledge of the game is sick.
moose - yeah 2 kids and your still good damn it. i liked your strategy my ryu is free against any sims i shoulda blind picked.
!a - good shit as usual, we almost held down teams.
nc(jibbo and tom) -nice to see you guys as usual. Ill try to SECRETLY LEARN more ABOUT 3S. the FINALS were the best matches that weekend.

everybody else. good to see you again.

Fucking awesome venue. Good seeing all of the VA heads and meeting some new people.

10x - you are hella good at 3s. Keep playing Necro.

RyRy - learn 3s

Everett - Fuck man, now I can’t just bullshit you with Chun. :frowning: Good shit sir. I promise I’ll work on the Urien matchup for next time.

Tom - Congratulations man. About time you won a tournament!!

DP - Fuck Hugo.

Strogg - Good meeting you man!! Keeping arcade gaming alive on the EC!! Don’t forget about Season’s Beatings!!!

Shoutouts to American sticks, good beer, and being the scrubbiest Chun player on the face of the Earth!!!

Tom- Thanks man. Congrats on getting first, you deserved it.

Bryan- gg’s man. I’ve been wanting that one for a while now haha. We always have some good matches.

DP- Great set in losers finals. Your Hugo is awesome and I have no idea how I survived some of those rounds when you had me cornered haha.

GG’s to everyone else I played and good seeing everyone again.

Play Blazblue.