[7/31] S2E02 MAXOUT KC. SSFIV, T6, TvC, HDR

Welcome to SEASON 3, Episode 2 of Kansas City’s only Monthly Tournament Series!

Venue:Toad’s Pub and Perk
Location:** 12056 W 135th St, Overland Park, KS 66221**
Easy access from I-35 Highway
Date:** Saturday, July 31st**
Start Time: Doors will open for games at 11 AM
Venue Fee: $5
Price per game: $10/$5

The Lineup

Super Street Fighter IV (PS3) $10
Super Street Fighter IV 2v2 Teams $5 per head

Tekken 6 : Bloodline Rebellion (PS3) $5
Street Fighter HDRemix (PS3) $5
Tatsunoko vs Capcom (Wii) $5
???MYSTERY GAME??? (?) $1 [winner takes all]

Games on hand if there is interest to play them

Melty Blood Actress Again
Guilty Gear Accent Core
BlazBlue Continuum Shift

Casuals and Registration start at 11 AM
All tournaments and casuals will end by 7:30 PM


All tournaments will be 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Matches, Double elimination unless listed otherwise.
Tekken 6 will be 3/5 rounds, 2/3 Matches, Double Elimination.
Button binds will be legal for GGAC.
If you wish to change controls, do so prior to the match.
If you wish to use multi button binds for other games, it will have to be at the affirmation of your opponent.
Default button binds are exempt from this rule
Winner keeps same character, loser may select a new one
All games will be played on random stage select

Character Banning List:
HDR Akuma

T6 will be 3/5 rounds, 2/3 matches

The venue is a Bar and Coffee House. It also serves a wide variety of food, so people don’t have to leave the venue to get something to drink or eat. And if celebrating your recent victories, or drowning your sorrows over your recent ass-beatings is your pleasure, the bar is open all day and night.

**Please pre-register in this format: **
John B - (AxioM) - KC, KS - SFIV

Last season concluded with the most hype fighting game tournament KC has ever seen. With the Radian and Axiom doing T.O., and JSpot’s stage setup, combined with the efforts of the Toads staff, we finished out the season with a bang worthy of sending off SFIV Vanilla.

Last seasons leaders:

Street Fighter IV

Tekken 6


Guilty Gear Accent Core


This season, we are doing ranbats ONLY for Super SFIV singles/teams, and T6. There will be no cash pot post tournament prizes for any of the other games.

However, something is in the works for hype purposes. Stay tuned.

Sam W. - (CatgirlFanatic) - Olathe, KS - SSF4 Singles/Teams (If I find a teammate)

Chadwick W- (KCs NOTOR1OUS) - KC/lee summit, Mo - SSFIV singles/Mystery Game/doubles?

Yo catgirl fanatic, hit me up if you “desperately” needing a guy for teams, i kinda wanna give it a shot this time.

Chris C. (FuLLBLeeD) - Overland Park KS - Super Street Fighter 4/Tatsunoko vs Capcom (maybe)

I originally had a partner for doubles. Then he informed me that he is no longer interested in playing fighting games, and is going to sell all his stuff. Even worse, he said he is going to start playing World of Warcraft again.

Saying I am disappointed would be an understatement.

Torrey R. - drunkninja - Bolivar, MO - SSF4, TvC

Barring any unexpected events, I should be there, hopefully with a few members of the Springfield crew.

Why has nobody else registered??? Come on people, get in this thread!

No GG? It appears you guys had it at the last maxout, any chance of running it at this one?

Just an FYI for those who may not check the KC thread, this month’s Max Out has been rescheduled for July 31st.

Yes, date has been changed to the 31st.

Guilty Gear will be ran if there is demand for it, same as Melty Blood.

We are also adding BlazBlue Continuum Shift to the next lineup (the tournament after this one)

Awwwww yeah son.

My brother and I would like to do the ssfiv tourney and the 2v2, but he is only 16. Since it’s at a bar would he be able to attend? Also, we play on 360 so we only have xbox sticks. Would ps3 sticks be available to play with during the tourney?

I don’t believe it would be a problem, but I’ll let AxioM comment on that for sure. As for sticks, I’m sure someone would let you borrow theirs for a match. I’d have no problem letting someone use mine if they need to (and have done so in the past). But there won’t be any sticks available for general use by anyone, it’s strictly BYOS.

I’ll be there. SSFIV and Teams. JSpot wanna team up?

Ok, sounds good. Will there be xbox casuals?

There are no age restrictions for tournament entry, all are welcome.

If you want an xbox casual setup, you will need to bring your own xbox, hookups, and TV/Monitor to play it on. We play all our tournament matches and casuals on PS3’s and PS2’s (Guilty Gear/Melty Blood/Mystery tournament)

Added Melty Blood, Guilty Gear, and Blazblue CS to the ‘possibles’ lineup. Any interest in those? If we get 8 saying that they want to see them played and would enter, I’ll add them to the lineup prior to the tournament.

I’d want Guilty Gear back.

You know if I’m there I’m gonna be all about GG and BB John
But that’s the thing, I may not be there, and I know my bro Cactusguy can’t make it that day
If I am there though put me down as
Nick D - blargh - KCMO - SSF4, mystery, and GG/BB if they’re tourneys for them

Honestly though, I don’t really see BBCS happening, since most people will still be learning the game and will want to put more time into it before paying to enter a tourney for it

I wouldn’t want to play, since my new main wont be in it yet…also, I’m down for GG if you put it in (no homo).

I’m for melty and guilty

I’m for BBCS, but I can understand waiting another month or so before adding it in.

Ok, 4 for Guilty Gear, 2 for BBCS, and 3 for Melty Blood (Hell, I’ll throw in my lot with the Melty players also)

Anyone else? 8 is the target number here.