7/7/7 C3 Results (MD/VA)

Somehow I got stuck with all the brackets…

3S- 19 entries

  1. Sharingan Steve (3-2, 3-1) (CH)
  2. Eric Kim (MA)
  3. Devil Jin (IB)
  4. Tornado Flame (MA)
  5. Eric V. (CH, YU)
  6. PVP (AL)

ST- 12 entries

  1. Fireballtrap (3-2) (BOXER)
    2 Steve (RYU)
  2. Robin (CHUN)
  3. Rugal B (O. SAGAT)
  4. Jaton (CLAW)
  5. Devil Jin (BLANKA)

Alpha 2- 11 entries

  1. Steve H. (3-0) (KEN)
  2. Devil Jin (ROSE)
  3. Havoc (KEN, CHUN, ZANGIEF)
  4. Robin (CHUN)
  5. Rugal B. (SAGAT)
  6. Skisonic (GEN)

CvS2- 8 entries

  1. Rugal B. (1-2, 2-1) (A-Sak/Bison/Blanka, A-Blanka/Sak/Bison, K-Blanka/Sagat/Cammy)
  2. Havoc (A-Iori/Hibiki/Blanka, A-Iori/Hibiki/Eagle, A-Eagle/Iori/Hibiki, A-Sakura/Iori/Eagle)
  3. Steve H. (P-Blanka/Sagat/Cammy, P-Sagat/Blanka/Cammy)
  4. Skisonic (A-Blanka/Rolento/Hibiki, A-Rolento/Hibiki/Blanka)
  5. PVP (A-Sakura/Bison/Blanka, A-Chang/Bison/Blanka)
  6. Cheesemaster (C-Ryu/Ken/Sagat)

Good shit everyone. Good shit to Ski for putting me in losers’ in the first round of A2 and CvS2 :wow:

Good shit to all the old faces and all the new ones.

7/28 is next C3! Everyone come out!

EDIT- Added characters used off the top of my head. If something’s wrong, let me know.

And the person who won the most chicken off Ken? Brandon! gs

gs Xmen vs

this C3 looked like Random

Copy paste yo!
GGXX AC Singles results (24 entries)~*
1st GRG LOLIBLOOD (PO, AX) (3-2, 3-2)
5th WonderTonic DRANK (ZA)
5th VR Missions? (SO)

Good shit to everyone (DE, SOVA, random NOVA/MD people) for coming out. See you guys on the 28th~!

It seems like everyone except the top placers have stepped their game up; yet somehow the results were the same x.x;

edit:sharazl beat me

If you want to see some GG played like CVS2
thats the best you’ll get

It appeared to be hella random, too! :looney:

I had a lot of fun just hanging out and watching stuff. GG was fun to see i’ve never really seen it.

Maybe i’ll attempt to come down to the next one, no promises~

Oh shi
no you didnt

Thanks again to Robin and David for the tournament. Fun times as always.

I trash talked against Pat and got owned, hahaha, ridiculous.

Anyway, I recorded 3rd Strike: winners semifinals, winners finals, losers finals, and grand finals. They’re up on YouTube now:

  • Winners Semis: [media=youtube]cUtQAIzzUNk[/media]
  • Winners Finals: [media=youtube]bMYhm3uL2oY[/media]
  • Losers Finals: [media=youtube]97yweRp1dQc[/media]
  • Grand Finals Part 1: [media=youtube]QY3BaGfLVq0[/media]
  • Grand Finals Part 2: [media=youtube]mdpiKxKkk3U[/media]
  • Grand Finals Part 3: [media=youtube]xWCuoG9cSDI[/media]

good shit to everyone:tup: sorry i could not make it to this one cuz work issues among other things.I’ll try to make it to the next one.

good shit devil jin. i see eric’s makoto is still a beast good shit guys

i see that my avatar finally made steve realize to stop being a scrub.

good shit to steve, and havoc (almost man!).

eric, im a little disappointed lol. khang, are you dead?

one word… XvSF

i only lost once in 3s and somehow managed not to get 1st. shady

good shit to steve. got some things to work on before evo

Rogue cheats.

Like, not dashing at neutral stocked Chun?

no i’m gonna keep doing that. because its obviously a part of my “strategy”


Cool. It works when you wait till Chun whiffs something. But who likes waiting anyway.

Good stuff. I liked how everyone was just calling me Jaton. That was good times.

Yo, Tornado Flame, 4th?

That’s more like it. Get Central/Southern VA in there son.

One day I’mma come to C3, it’ll be one day when I’m either:
A) Rich enough to not care about losing money.
B) 20 Years from now when SF 5 is out and I’ve finally figured out 3s.

Yeah, y’all best watch out.:nunchuck: