7/7/7 C3 Results (MD/VA)

by then DJ will have kids and they will be sf champions

Good shit to DevilJin bringing the Shinobi rape in 3S.:lovin:

GG n shit…sadly the only game i played was gg:ac and the rest were casuals. Who would ever think that ppl would play xvsf but damn was i wrong. good shit dj:looney:. Marvel was pretty crazy n all (2 hell with storm) Yeah and i beat DJ with urien SWEET…Thats all

a2? :arazz:
…call me when you’re ready for a3.

Dirty Blanka resumes hibernation.


oh shit. steve brought the rape, from losers bracket.

I’m really thinking I can hang with some guys at the next C3. I’m gonna try to make it. I’m gonna see how where my Alpha 2 is at. I see Robin ranked 4th. Hmm…

Sorry I didn’t make it guys. I’m gonna put my money where my keystrokes are on the 28th.

GG’s everyone. Sorry I didn’t really do casuals or anything… I was so tired, and that broken leather chair that leans really far back had me knocked out.

I’ll do better in AC next time :bluu:

ps. where were all the 3s regulars?

I hear that.

Good question.

No worries though, 7/28 should have a full fuckin roster. Get hype!

sorry =(

oh wait… he prolly means exo and shinshay…

poo i wanted to go i gusse there is always the 28 good shit rugal and havoc.

so you get second with your new method of fighting good shit hav

Who’s that other Vega player that I was playing in casuals most of the time?

That was Biron - I don’t think he posts up here but everytime I’ve been to C3, he always shows up for ST.

GGs to DevilJin, ruining my mantis slashes with shinobi rape. And screw you Jaton, I’ll get you next time.

Those two, you, and rockman were the main ones I noticed missing actually.

But yeah, I’m not worried about it, I slept (literally) through a lot of it anyway x_x lol. Next time is serious :slight_smile:

Yeah…it’s funny. Dude always shows up with a nice modded Hori stick and I always think it’s some fresh dude coming to play some 3S or Tekken or sumtin. Then I remember it’s the same guy who sits around playing ST all day long. :lol:

Oh and I think we actually had 2 girls this time that weren’t friends of the Smash kids. Not to start a whole conversation about people’s girls (but I am). Skisonic’s “girl” that he brought with him was real chill. I couldn’t figure out her ethinicity though cuz she was really really light skinned and had died hair. Yet…she had features like a black girl. I would guess she’s albino or sumtin but I didn’t wanna be all frontal about it. She’s the 2nd girl I’ve met that plays CVS2 actually. Cool stuff.

Hmmm…I think there was another girl. Maybe one girl walking around us must have just made it feel like there was 2. :lol:

Oh and extra shout out to Hav for hooking me up with a ride to this joint and N Ken for hangin out and eatin chicken wit us.

Yeah, that was Iceman’s girl… although they didn’t really stay for long.

Yeah…I dont even remember what she looked like.

ice beam

You fuckers ate chicken without me? Dammit.

You coming to the 28th? Let’s have at that chicken next time. It was delicious and nutritious. Well…maybe not the second part.

who’s bringing the bacon?