7/7 SF4 8 on the Break Weekly Results - Dunellen, NJ


I think this week was the largest Break weekly yet.

  1. Sabin (Sim, Seth, Ryu)
  2. Evil Rashaan (Sim, Blanka, Seth, Gief)
  3. Ryder (Abel/Ryu)

About 30 people or so entered and there were quite a few crazy upsets.
Dr. Chaos ended up going 1-2, he lost to JoshTheFUNKDOC (Seth), and then lost in his losers match to OJ (Fuerte)
After that, Josh loses to me and then rolento13 in losers, who uses Ken also… :looney:
Just to show you that niggas is thirsty.
Philly-One had a extremely tense match with Rashaan, down to the wire Cammy vs Gief.
Ryder shocking the world and beasting out of losers to get 3rd, good stuff.

Everyone had to leave, and apparently Rashaan cant play on HRAP3s at all, as opposed to TE sticks, and it was getting late so we just split it instead of playing it out (noone was there.) Rashaan is a bitch though for not being able to play on any stick:rofl:


Good shit Art




no crying Chaos :nono: You got next week to burn people to a crisp with Ken or headbutt them to death with big heaed Akuma :lol::tup:

Good shit Art :cool:
Damn Rashaan is creating an army or something with those 4 characters :wow:


It happens to the best of us remember that play and trade tourney i went 1-2 in? lol ur a real good player man stay in there.


im still scrubbin it out

gj ryder


gg Rashaan,

Hit me up online so that we can get some more games in…I’ll be on tonight around 9 ro so…



Thanks dude. I finally make the money after playing nothing but BB all week :rofl:. Rahsaan’s Dhalsim is sick nasty i gotta find an answer for that.


Why am I so ass at this game?


Didnt do as i well as i could of done.
nice meeting you art&damdai, and that bison i played (forgot your name)


practice, practice, practice,
I give you props for being a pad warrior along with casperOne.


Did I get 4th?


I would think so damdai.

But at the weeklies if you don’t hit top 3 apparently your life is worthless. lol.


It’s pretty easy playing sf4 on pad. The game isn’t exactly on the same level as Marvel or GG in terms of execution.


I was the bison player. I did the best I have ever done last night. Good times.


good job ryder

Thanks for letting me use your stick damdai.

Always good seeing you guys.

Is there a tournament next week?


Good shit Ryder. Im trying to get there next week to start the recording. Let’s make next week bigger.


BYOC all I have to say…

and for the Asian kid who was yelling at my ear when I was playing with ryder…

better not try that again :smiley:


One and his sensitive ears


LMAO. Ryder was telling me about that. The other Balrog kid? Yeah, he get’s amped at times. Remember when he asked gootecks for his autograph?