7/8 Break Weekly Results

1st - Mike "Infinite"
2nd - Shaun "Starbury"
3rd - Rob "rsigley"
4th - Steve "Eternal Fighter"
5th - Phil "Goodbye"
5th - John Dacles

steve hannah to lazy to post them himself?! :lol:

i had shawn beat in the loser finals but then he started making kissing motions at me threw my game off.

top tier mind games!! =(

here’s some teams

infinite - rowtron
starbury - storm/sent/cyke, mstron, msp
rsigley - msp, sent/strider/doom
eternal fighter - msp, storm/cable/commando
blacksyde phil - MSS
john dacles - spiral/sent/commando

blacksyde phil got really randomed by me sorry about that =)

grand finals was 3-0
loser finals 3-1

not as bad as when phi showed me that hot 8 year old :confused:

That’s sorta like the time I was playing Diego in losers finals and these girls kept coming up to me trying to hook me up with their “Friend”… From now on, I’m coming to The Break with a mask on. BTW, I didn’t come because when I was practicing earlier yesterday, I couldn’t pull off shit @ home so I decided to take a trip to the club. Well worth it.

i thought you quit!! now you play again? im disappointed in you quitting…quitting:p


good shit Infinite :cool:

I did quit.

good man, me too, it’s all about cvs2 now

yo the winners finals was mad good…mike knows i had that shit kid…fucked up the guardbreak after coming back 3 characters down…but yea its all good…your just making me better for evo…be safe in texas…sigley ill touch your hiney next time and really throw u off…:slight_smile: smooches…but yea…next week is mine since mike is gone…unless X decides to make the trip down

orville didnt quit …did u goto platinum?

My name isn’t Orville, it’s Tony Starks. I am Iron Man… I did quit, and I went to platinum to celebrate quitting.

Mike is coming to TX? When and where?

That won’t be for a while, because FedEx owns my soul.

*Larry Flynt *

Is the thursday tournament always MVC2? Is there every anything else besides that like CVS2?

cvs2?jersey? thats like an oxymoron…unless ur rob sigley