7/8 NYC Tourney @ Cybertron (MvC2)

7/8 NYC Tourney @ Cybertron Results (MvC2)

This was a good tourney and a good turn out…

Marvel vs Capcom 2 results:

  1. Javier Chorrillos “Khameleon” MSS & Santhrax & TeamRow
  2. Mike Pungzujarit “Pungza” Santhrax & TeamScrub
  3. Lincoln Morris “DragonGod” MSS & Santhrax
  4. Jason “DaDragon” MSP
  5. Dennis Fung “Stezo_1.5” MSP
  6. Brett Harbach “ShinRaven” MSP
  7. John “Hadoken king” MSP

-Lincoln beasting with his Magneto…
-Pungza showing up and showing his new MvC2 skills…
-Javier beating Brett in 2 money matches ($1 each), it was Javi’s Team Shoto versus Brett’s MSP…Javier wins both sets, 2-0, then 2-1…
-DaDragon beasting with his MSP.
-Dennis Fung (Flushing Player) showing us some hott magneto combos, and his new name will be “Stezo_1.5”
-Brett beating John in a MSP vs MSP money match.
-Pungza beating Brett in a MSP vs MSP money match.
-John has improved alot with his MSP.

a dragon is still scrubby compared a demon =p

pretty funny how all of nycs worst players end up in one area.

Your funny…If you think we all suck, then why don’t you play me for money in MvC2??? I’ll even give u a lead if it makes you feel better… :lol:

the fuck is you?

BTW, i also used two other teams… not just MSP…

team eddie lee (storm/cable/doom)
and blackheart/storm-y/cyclops

another thing that was in highlights… me making a nice comeback with magneto in my fight vs. denis :slight_smile: good fight bro

funny shit guy…i’d play you for the change u have left after javier takes ya cash:rolleyes:

Owned! :lol:

Good shit dragon :cool:

ill be at evo sir. id be happy to rape you

I bet that would make you happy…:lol:

lol, ggz all. wat happened to the real stezo? he don’t play nomore?

why didnt i know about this :lol:

good shit to all the players.

don’t even pay attention to people who can put anything for location, no need to even ask for a money game, they will never say who they are at evo.

weak. How is lincoln bad when he was in the top 16 at ecc?

how about u give him an easier bracket.

and who are u NooB?

<-- suggest u take a look at that avatar sneakerlip
<-- obviously pro gamer.

and that does not matter…U still a NooBie

He didnt have an easy bracket. I doubt anyone had an “easy” bracket cept maybe soo and kuan.

easy bracket aight mofo ill play your ass for 100$ any time anywhere punk and plus i’d like to see you beat isaac, matrix, eddy lee, commy. Easy bracket my ass.

rolf thats it? eddie lee hasnt played in around 3 years
i could probaly beat him 10-0