7/9 CTF Dead Cell: mvc2/rumble fish 2 radom tourney results

this tourney was random, people are cheap and like to have low pots when they play rumble fish. tekken 5 = the new hottness. k results

1st-josh wigfall(msp)
2nd-lincoln morris(msp,mss-a,cable/sent/commando,sent/storm/commando)
3rd-erik arroyo(msp,mag/cable/sent-a, cable/sent/commando)
4th-Huggy Bear(strom/sent/commando,mag/cable/sent-a,msp)
5th-Michael Williams(mag/cable/sent-a, storm/sent/cable)
5th- Andre srk kid(mss-a, ??)


-lincoln was beating and is “the problem” beating erik 2nd round and in loser finals, me, and almost beating josh wigfall.
-andre was the problem sending rahsaan to the losers and javier 1st round but couldnt come in clutch.
-erik won a match with a pixel(a jab would kill him) using commando like at eccx.
-other crazy things happeend but yea u had to be there.
-jim jones birthday party is this friday at club exit dipset dipset.
winners finals:josh vs lincoln 3-1 josh
loser finals:erik vs lincoln 3-1 lincoln
grand finals: lincoln vs josh 4-3 josh

1st-justin wong(mito)
3rd-michael williams(hazama)
4th-Nick T.(greed)
5th-James Garcia(Hazama)
5th-Master Chibi(Kaya)


-greed sucks and jabs get u nowhere plus i know a better infinite that does more life :slight_smile:
-justin won this tourny pretty free with mito
-nick t. tried to copy justins mito after the tourney(that was funny)
-justins mito rushdown is crazy
-you can roman cancel in this game
-winners finals:michael vs justin 3-0 justin
-loser finals: michael vs tempest 3-2 tempest
-grand finals:tempest vs justin 4-0 justin
-dotn forget jim jones @ exit this friday for the bday bash. go wearin that purple and sxreaming out “dipset!!dipset!!”
-me and justin know how

Damn Mito is just wrong.

Jabs as an anti-air = gay.

Please, oh please, oh please can someone talk to Henry in hopes of switching RF2 out for Melty Blood : Act Cadenza?


Good tournament, started late though. When is the next one?

Fuck Mito. =p Fuck her right in the ear.

And screw you Chibi, I still like RF2. Get him to take out the old SC2 Cab, then we’ll all be happy.

Normally I dont post in other people results but I had to this time. Oh snap thats my real name. Crazyness.


Fine fine.

I’ll have to start playing Beatrice hardcore then.


damn that was the best tourny ive never entered


You do realize that people other than me are going to copy?
Besides I had played with her a few weeks ago to try her out, but I didn’t know she was as good as I saw.
Also, i’ll still use Greed.

They can copy all they want, that’s the first Mito rushdown I haven’t been able to just stop cold. Of course it had to be anyone, it had to be Justin, right?

wish i coulda been there would of tried orville and see how far i could take him next time i will be in it bet on it congrats to the justin and all other participants hope to see you guys playing soon

i agree.

Justin, beware. :slight_smile: Glad you one though.

Rhode Island almost made it to this one… Justin you need need to bring that Mito up north on the 30th… to meet Jame’s Sheryl! :tup:


Nothing against James, but Sheryl doesn’t stand a chance against Mito.


I concur. Someone record vids so I actually might know what to do with Sheryl.


James Austin?
Or another James?

Demon Jim: I’m James Garcia. I dunno why he just didn’t put RandomJames…considering Infinite is staying at my house right now…

Other than that, I suck…but whatever…I’m KNOWLEDGE. YOU CAN’T STOP THE 1 FRAME SUPER!

I just talked to the University Pinball arcade owner here in philly, and he said he’s ordering Rumble Fish 2 today! WOOT! He’s gonna call me back and let me know when he’s expecting it in. He said about a day or 2. I guess if you guys wanna get some rumble fish 2 action on, then you guys should come to philly to game. I know I’m gonna be on that game consistantly along with the rest of philly. :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

RF 2 sucks. That is all.

Umm… O_0