7 button arcade layout?


Ive noticed; in a vewlix layour arcade cab, theres 6 white buttons 1 black, in some sticks (rarer) theres 7 buttons and in alot of control panels you can buy online there is ofter either 2 joysticks, 6 buttons each, or 1 joystick and 7 buttons, but still 2 start buttons in a different place. I don’t understand why they do this can someone please explain it ?


This is my 7-button stick, left L1 there for classic SNK-style 4 button layout.

fyi, the Vewlix arcade control panel has 8 button holes for each player, but for SF4 the 7th hole has a button plug (not a black button) and the 8th hole is for Start. 2-player panel there is a Player 1 Start and Player 2 Start. That is why you see 2 Start buttons.


Ok i see what you mean about kof, still looks odd though. but on the 7 button layout arcade cabs, i see the button plug but there isn’t any 8th hole. Not specificly the vewlix but for instance the lizardlick singleplayer control panel simply has 7 buttons, so either they have kof in mind (:3) or i remain clueless.

EDIT: is that a modded TE?


it looks like just an aesthetics mod but it’s prly a beast on the inside


The 8th hole is the small 24mm button for Start, for example single player CP:
O 0 0 0 0
i 0 0 0

I’m too lazy to search a pic of the Vewlix CP joystick/button placement. The 8th button hole would be on the far right, the Start button. Hope that helps.

EDIT: Yes.

Nah, just a simple MC Cthulhu + 360 FightPad + RJ45 multiconsole mod job.


oh yah and i played mortal kombat deception today and that has a 7 button layout 2, i guess that could explain it.