7 Days till Brawl Site Relaunch

Old thread was spammed up, and 40 + pages long. New thread time. Site will be "relaunching is 7 days, ala The Ring. Get ready for new characters, vids, and movelist.


7 days.

I’m excited. Almost as excited as getting Accent Core, or tag team MBAC.

Oh snap I will be waiting

has it been 7 days yet? :frowning:

God fucking damn it! 6 days to go!

Not to be a “narc” or nuthin’ but there is a Brawl thread in FGD.

Still, though, these are going to be some of the longest 7 days of my life. :rofl:

I love relaunches.

Damn you, artificial construct we call time! I have to wait seven days for the relaunch, and then another four days for Big Bang Beat, and then a month after that for Melty Blood Act Cadenza.

WE NEED HYPE!!!:lol:

You didn’t see that, specs?

Actually, I didn’t. My bad!

EDIT - 6 days.

I always remember how I felt before the N64 came out, and I was really impatient for it. And I remember thinking, Man the new Zelda doesn’t come out for soooo long! But one day I’ll look back on that and think, man, that came out a loooong time ago! And so it went.

I’m eagerly anticipating the new Smash, but I can wait 6 days to find more stuff out.