7 life lessons from a guy who can't move anything but his face


With little more than his voice he has succeeded. So What’s stopping you?



the rest of my body


Is this the thread were we just post random links with little to no explanation of what they are?

Also congrats on being on the apprentice.


Wut dat mouf do?


I’ll take brolylegs over him in SF4 first to 10 at 3 to 1.

Who got this?


Success is subjective. Living in Mexico to me is the exact opposite of success.


I like how anywhere else this story would be met with all the usual platitudes of “so courageous”, “inspirational”, and “touching”… But here on SRK, we’re like, ***“we’ve got a guy who can do Chun combos with his face, this dude’s a scrub”***.


SRK never disappoints…because you never know what to expect.



i like how he defined his success by what others want too

“im travelling the world and living a life that OTHERS can only dream of!”

meanwhile i can wipe my own ass


Didn’t click your bookface link

Expected NickRocks 2012 Edition

Outright just calling dude: LEGEND


But check this…what if you was rich enough that you could pay other people to do it for you? Would you?



Remember the post your pic thread and that dude who had his hands attached to his shoulders


Now where’s my tea?




I have to admit, I did fall back laughing when I Read this.



Sorry I don’t click those kind of sites, against my religion.


but they might fuck up and do a messy job and then i get streaks >=[


How to Find the Courage to Face Anything

Is it bad I laughed at this?
Anyways, touching story and all. Reminds me of that one dude who learned to draw simply by using his mouth. Dude even learned after his accident that got him completely paralyzed too. He did some pro ass shit, better than people who can wipe their ass.

Rip Shiro Kotobuki