7 Minute Saikyo: Dan General Discussion Thread



There isn’t a thread here for this, so I decided to take the initiative, since it seems to work well in other forums.

Go ahead and discuss anything Dan fan related!


I want Otoko Michi in SF4:Dash kplzthx.


Edited to be far more family friendly and hilarious:





haha that was some funny shit.


I agree with this.

I want the Premium Sign as well.

Dan should have his own Street Fighter movies as well. Street Fighter: Legend of Dan Hibiki.


Otoko Michi translates to “Way of Man” I believe, wasn’t it only in the Vs series? Still pretty awesome :smiley:

Roll Taunt back, yes please! Taunt giving meter, make it so!


Man, Dan is a legend! Rolling taunt would be awesome. Definitely love the Terror in Pink!


Hell yeah


I’m sure you could get that re sized to an avatar :tup:

I know some on this site who’d do it for me, if you all would want it.


Resizes are pretty easy, and it looks like it wouldn’t be too many frames. I don’t know if I could animate it with a transparent background in Gimp though, I can’t remember how to get each frame to replace the previous and not just overlay and it makes it all ugly.


If you watch the flash collab, maybe you can use the whole movement?


You mean with the background and such? Maybe. I’ll mess with it I guess, it’ll be weird trying to do it from a flash video (and I’ve never tooled with flash so wouldn’t know the easy way to do it). When I get a few decent looking avs I’ll post them in here.

And seriously. That Viper one. Fucking internets.


What the fuck is number 5?

The Zangief Sak one was great as well.

Dan Hibiki is priceless. I mean if he were real, I’d hang with that mutherfucker.


Joe, list the avs you want in order of importance between the flash collab Dan, Marvel win screen still, and DanRoll.

Oh, and add my name to your signature. My e-peen must be fed.


Dan Roll
Dan Flash

And Okay (playing COD WaW Online now, cant talk!


Have any of you guys found any Dan fan sites? I’ve found like two, and they haven’t been updated in a while.


For the love of God. Stop posting this shit.


I’m sorry? :S


Yeah, its kinda too racy, if you haven’t gotten infracted for it I’d remove it. Sorry man.

An honest mistake, I did it as well.