7 New CvS2 Videos for DL

Posted 7 new videos on our site, ScrubTactics101.com. All the vids are casual matches between my friends and I, enjoy.


i like casual matches. they show how normal people play when they’re just having fun. cool beans. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile: just trying to provide some entertainment for those who want it. We will probably start recording matches at tournaments we attend and posting those too.

Man. That’s a cool alternate corner Blanka CC. I should learn that and annoy my opponents with it :slight_smile:

Also, what is that background music? Something about listening to the radio.

Haha, don’t ask me about that music… I had no decision on it, my friend chose it. They are all DDR remixes and stuff, that is all I know.

What codec is that your using on the vids? Ive tried opening them in bsplayer and wmp and no luck.

it’s encoded in svcd format, you’d need a dvd program to see it.
anyone know the song in video 15-something? it’s the shanghai stage

So if my comp doesnt have a dvd player i cant watch them?

no u just need dvd player software installed (example: windvd or powerdvd) so your wmp or any other media player has a mpeg2 decoder, or if u cant get some sort of dvd player software, this may work http://www.elecard.com/download/ , and the song in cvs2 video 15 is Dance Dance Revolution 5th mix - Moonlight Shadow