7 years and still going

Marvel may be old, but its still not figured out yet. There are some dynamics to the game that I think will add to the depth of high level gameplay. Well, I haven’t seen them hor-ed out yet to the point where it makes or break a round.

like purposely speeding up flying screen for faster mixups

sents magic flip em around cross up

new types of FSD that put you into BETTER position to hit someone.

mixups new assist kill setup that is out of control. Seriously ground breaking.

sents flight glitches that allow him to fuck up the game. Making assits coming out the wrong way. Making HIS assist come out behind the opponent.

Hell, theres even a new type of guard cancel that **NO ONE **is using @ all and its old as hell. Its so revolutionary that i’m dumbfounded that its not beind used more. To guad cancel something w\o pushblocking? god like.

the recently discovered guard break magnetro figured out. I thought it was but wasn’t quite sure till he proved it. Actually its not even a guard break. Its you just getting hit and you can’t do shit about it.

keeping a character to automatically face the opposite way even though i’m on the original side in which case he has to switch directions to block me and if you’re fast enough, theres barely anytime to react.

I even know of a way to make your character stand up the wrong way after a knockdown or otg roll which will add frames to your getup animation because your character has to get up the wrong way, then turn around. That only equates to more time to mix someone up. Not to mention that they just woke up the wrong way and more than likely fuck up blocking because of how wrong it looks.

Also, that I can make your character purposely wiff when I want if your trying to move around a certain way. Then when they wiff, you go get that ass. That shit is really top tier and if you don’t know the inner workings of the game, you’ll never be able to figure it out and die to it. This is very crucial in a game where you lose in 1 hit.

i’m even convinced that you can control the other characters sprite to forcefully make them walk into something even though they’re blocking or trying to attack. I don’t exactly know its quite done yet but i’ve witnessed it enough times to know that its fucked up and if its happening consistently, its a glitch that can be figured out to use for high level play.

for the brief time I picked msp, i figured out how make psylock unblockable (to an extent) as well as make her come out fwds or have it come out fwd and aim her assist backwards based upon the opponents position in relation to psy.

the point of this isn’t to brag about what I know but rather to let people know that if you never try to further your gameplay every day, you’ll eventually run into a wall and think thats it. Theres tons left in this game to exploit and it can only help you as a player in the long run.

The only time anyone can ever say thats it to marvel is when the entire game is figured out. Thats when its done and judging from what I know and comparing to what people are doing on tape, theres plenty left to hor out. I understand that people hold back on tape to keep their own personal secrets, i do it too, but i’ve watched tonssssss of marvel footage and even old school vhs tapes made from bad copies just to see if anyone is trying to break the game to further their setups or maintain proper spacing and its really not there. However, the gameplay, the execution and the strategy is there but I think somewhere along the line, people forgot to keep innovating and just started copying each other.

Turn that DC on and hit training mode.

Can you explain this in more depth, im not sure i know what you mean.

I hate to say but I kind of disagree with your logic. Don’t get me wrong I am an avid rabid marvel fan, matter of fact it’s the only fighting game I play religiously. But for you to say that the only reason a game should be retired is when everything is figured out about it is kind of flawed. Think about all of MVC2’s predecessors. I’m sure there is plenty that most people didn’t not figure out about them but it didn’t matter because as one was trying to master one version the next iteration in the series was coming out. However, with MVC2 it doesn’t look like another version is coming out soooo for those that love capcom’s vs-style combat this is the last game they could play and they do. Once a suitable replacement is found (something to fill the void of vs-style combat) then MVC2 can retire with MVC1, MSHVSF, XVSF, etc.

Marvel is so dope.

The game is fast paced, with alot of variety so it’ll always be popular.

i love going into trainning mode, and finding new tricks to do.

dumb game

fun game

there is a reason this game will never really outright “die”.

a couple really

  1. It’s fun
  2. People play it.

and the reason people play it is because it has infinite replay value (like other fighters, ST to name one example).

A game like this where it’s like a varied form of electronic chess doesn’t die because it’s “old”. This isn’t like a action game where you play through it once, find the secrets, and you are done. This can’t even be compared to anything like that.

As long as people want to play it (and a bunch of people still do) it’s not going to die.

The only people I’ve seen that want it to die or retire are old players that want the game to die with thier youth/prime. Silly.

I don’t know which dick hole neg-repped me but I said I like marvel. The only reason it won’t die is because there hasn’t been a game to replace it in the series. That’s the only reason people are finding so many tricks out about the game. MVC1 would be just as played if MVC2 never came out. So whatever dick head neg repped me, you can die, good sir.

yeah right, as parryperson said, it’s an electronic Chess.

if you could of been there when me and mixup broke the game for YEARS to come, its not chess. Marvel is dumb and thats not the dumb part. The dumb part is that the game isn’t figured out yet so that only means that there is more dumb shit left. Possibly even more dumb than what you see being done now.

chess = battlefiled with all the pieces available. Players know exactly what to expect aside from strategy.

marvel = a battlefield but since the game isn’t figured out completely yet, there are other pieces to the game that not many people have and they’re pieces to the game that no one has yet.

Therefore, its not the same. Its possible to play with pieces to the game that the other person doesn’t even know exists. The comparison doesn’t work. Maybe once the game is completely figured out that it can be considered a “chess” game but till then, nah. Players that innovate and are able to play on the same pro level as the others will always have an advantage.

marvel just is… this game is crack and innovation is the name of the game, the more generic your game-play becomes the slimmer your chances of winning get as time goes on. Be as unique as possible!!! of course without letting go of the fundamentals =D

As time goes on people make new shit and then everyone else jumps on it and it becomes generic =D. It even helps to go back in time and do 2002 resets with magnus cause people just seem to forget.

i agree 100%

Even when MVC2 is totally “figured out”, assuming that has or could happen, people will still be playing it for many years to come. It has so many characters, so many different ways to play, godly replay value, etc.

It is the only fighter i’ve played consistently since it came out(had a few breaks but always came back).

It was probably parryperson who negged ya, he is a well known dick hole around these parts afterall :wonder:

That would be you, you uninformed jackass.

And you don’t play marvel. Stop pretending.

lol @ parryperson.

Anyway, marvel isn’t dead becuase…

There hasn’t been a sequel.

This game is fun.

Essentailly, the same reason why 3S hasn’t died. If MvC2 had’ve gotten a good sequel, then it would’ve died shortly after. I remember what happened to the alpha2 when aplha 3 came out. and alpha 2 was huge.

i disagree, the pieces in chess, are like the characters in marvel.

Wierd things happenning in the game of marvel is the same as strategy in chess.

the character/pieces have always been there, but as time goes on, more strats or tricks are learned.

i understand what your saying though about the engine changing, which can be compared to like the board of chess actually changing, even though that can’t happen.

however i think that it’s possible to master ways of messing with the engine to create even more strategy with characters. lol.

wow great analogy gouki10

@ Shoult/mixup: you guys should really try to get your hands on at least one program pad and a capture board/card. Just make a bunch of short clips with ideas and send them to other innovative people/good people to see what you can squeeze out of it.

He’s right though, there’s still a lot of useful and non-useful stuff in the game.

Universal unblockables almost anytime asdf

strider players need to know the game better than anyone else.

this isn’t consistent on ppad so no way its useful



Wow?!?!?!?!?!?!!?! I’m amazed at the speed.

if something like that works, then it’s possible to do c.lk, c.mk, c.hk(sjc before it hits) into that really low hard, call tron, nj, dash over…random rant.

but c.hk(sjc before it hits) then low hk looks super safe to me.

You are right on a lot of things.

This isn’t one of them.

if this is the c.rh sjc before it comes out, i’ve already started working on it to add to my doom gameplay. I can actually get this like 4\5 just doing it by itself but i’ve had a hard time trying to get it after c.lk, c.mk strings.

I can never view your vids magnetro, there always bugging out in my vlc player and i’m too lazy too look up the codecs.


the point of this isn’t about what analogies fit marvel the best. The point is simply that there is so much left to the game and the first people to get there hands on will simply have an advantage over those who don’t know it. I’m just trying to encourage a little innovation to the game because theres so much left to it.

magnetro has been making videos for quite a while and he’s still pumping out new material.

you speak the truth sir.

lol. Throwback resets that you haven’t seen in years almost always hit you and you feel dumb for getting hit by them.

Just play the game and have fun with it i say. No need to worry about this other stuff, it’ll come in time.

Wow who knew dick holes could talk? :looney: