70% of the cocaine supply is tainted with a drug that can cause immune system failure

The Mystery of the Tainted Cocaine by Brendan Kiley - Features - The Stranger, Seattle’s Only Newspaper

Apparently an animal antibiotic called levamisole is getting added to the coke right in the labs in South America, before it ever makes it up to the USA. It’s almost undetectable - looks like coke, dissolves in bleach, etc. Nobody is sure why the cartels are cutting their coke with it, could be just to stretch it further and sell it as pure coke, could be because it has a potentiating effect that makes the effects of coke stronger. In any case, apparently it has a significant and cumulative chance to cause “Agranulocytosis” which basically makes all your white blood cells die and your immune system goes to shit. Because it’s added by the cartels at the source, this impacts all cocaine - powder, crack, whatever.

I’ve never done cocaine because based on what I’ve read about its effects and my addictive personality, I’ve always assumed that I would become completely addicted to it and ruin my life pretty much right away. But now I’m really, definitely, never doing coke if this shit is true. Pretty crazy!

my doctor told me about this last year, i dont think its still an issue.

That article I linked and its followups are from the last few months. I also don’t see why this problem would go away.

Corporations cut costs all the time, usually to the consumer’s disadvantage. A cartel operates much like a corporation, only they sell illegal items but the motive remains the same. I can’t say I’m surprised.

the problem goes away because they lose money when ppl find out theres bad cut going around. and, the media is not really on point when drugs are involved, ever.

wow, that blow i did on my birthday now seems less awesome :frowning:

I agree to a point, but corporations have a legal responsibility to meet certain criteria with safety on their products and they can be severely penalized for harming the public. The drug cartels have no such accountability and have no standards for drug purity, therefore they can add just about anything to their drugs without any fear because the junkies will always come back for more. That’s a pretty good business to be in. I doubt any bad press no matter how dangerous coke was revealed to be down the road would put much of a damper on their business.

No wonder my immune system fails 70% of the time, dawg.

True. But with legal medicine and consumable food products we have the FDA and other forms of protection to make sure your hotdog doesn’t contain pig shit and nobody has put rat poison in your pain killers. This is not the case with illegal drugs.

Yeah because killing your customers is good business. Do you know how much money tobacco companies spend on legitimately making cigarettes safer?

The moral of this story is that drugs should be legalized.

Also, don’t do cocaine, its bad for you, even if they don’t put any other crap into it.

Rick James told you Cocaine’s a helluva drug. I guess he meant that it could actually be HELL on you.


Alright cocaine can cause immune failure…among the other horrible symptoms of the drug.

So cocaine producers don’t care about the well being of their customers, huh? That really comes as a shock.

Also, as a Canadian who has to pay for these fucks when they get sick, I’m not at all saddened by the fact that these idiots can expect a shorter life.

The moral of this story is don’t do drugs.

hormones used to produce milk when nobody knows the long-term effects? chemicals used to produce more fruit and vegetables? substitutes for sugar and other ingredients because it is expedient and less costly? the fda can only go so far(i’m pretty sure upton sinclair is rolling in his grave), and even then do you really trust those standards? you’re probably eating pig shit right now.

Nobody gives a damn if a junkie dies. No matter how well-off you are or no matter how well you can cover up your addiction, there will always be another to take over your spot.

Lindsay Lohan comes to mind just now.

her immune system must resemble an AIDS patient’s

I’m sure that’s not going to stop the sales, of everything from an eightball to a ki(lo).

and yet it still does, so fuck your fda.