70 Year old first grader


I for one am damn proud of this man for starting on his education :tup:
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Though I give that man a lot of respect. There is a lot of illiterate older people out there. Especially if they lived in rural areas. Many are afraid to come forward to gain education. Many think they are too old. This made me feel good. I hope he continues. He will never be a college grad or anything, but will appreciate reading in a way practically none of us can.

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Only saw the beginning of the vid and kinda got the jist of it. It’s pretty pointless to go to school at that age. I mean if all he wants to do is learn to read then he can get a tutor and avoid the embarassment. There was 75+ year old woman who graduated from my college this or last year, can’t really remember but that was pretty pointless too. But for personal accomplishment I guess it’s ok for them.

Never to old to learn

you are awesome :tup:

Everyone will be happy when they fullfill their goals.

Good stuff, education is for everyone. Very inspiring story.

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same here.

He better learn.

Don’t Copy That Floppy!! :rofl: Funniest thing ever.

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Very touching…

Woah I thought this was Bill Cosby, but this is quite heart warming :wink: