707 MvC3 RAMbat League

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

This league is for the 707 area regulars who play MvC3 sessions on a regular basis (particularly Ramnation folk). Anyone who wants to participate in this league must enter an additional $2 to any tournament that is considered part of the randbat.

The point system is as follows:

1st place: 10 pts.
2nd place: 7 pts.
3rd place: 5 pts.
4th place: 3 pts.
5th place: 2 pts.
Everyone else: 1 pt.

When someone makes it to at least 30 points, the top 3 will be payed out with the ranbat pot 70/20/10. If there are any ties in points within the top 3, we will have them fight 2 out of 3 games (round robin if necessary).

I will distribute points on a weekly basis based off of Ramnation tournament results but will not include anyone that is NOT part of the league. Example: KingKau gets 3rd place at a Ramnation tournament, but will receive 1st place points because the top 2 placers are NOT part of the league, and he has placed highest out of all the league participants such as SoulStar placing 5th, and KBeast 7th.

Any other tournaments other than Ramnation weeklies that have at least 4 participants from the league may have points distributed as well. Example: Tyram’s house tourney has 6 participants from the league, so if those players choose to, they may pay the additional $2 in order to be eligible for Ranbat points at that tournament. If only 2 players agree to pay, no points will be distributed.

Anyone who wants to be part of the league is welcome, but keep in mind that you will not receive any points for every Ranbat tournament you choose not to go to (mainly Ramnation Friday’s). I will be responsible for holding the pot, and remember it’s an additional $2 that you pay to me, separately from the $5 entry fee for the Ramnation tournament. Scores will be kept on this post. Please let me know if you want to join.

Final Score Ending on 3/25/11


Final Score Ending on 3/25/11
tharimrattler: 30
KBeast: 17
Hagure: 13
Spanish Sexy: 8

Coopa: 7
Tyram: 7
KingKau: 5
Techmaster: 2
Rudy: 4
Soulstar: 3
Raikanami: 3
SaikoSlash: 2
Shway: 1
Eddy: 1[/details]

Final Score Ending on 4/30/11

tharimrattler: 30
KBeast: 26
Tyram: 24
Spanish Sexy: 15

Ranbat starting at 5/7/11
tharimrattler: 15
KBeast: 14
Spanish Sexy: 8 (+5 bonus points= 13)
Honzo: 10

Tyram: 4
Shway: 4
Soulstar: 3
Rudy: 2
Hagure: 2
Paniolo: 1
Hellasaltydawg: 1


DAS MAH BURFDAY! we’ll see if i can make it through

I will be in attendance. WE good with set ups?

Might try to come if I’m not bussy tomorrow and really want pizza (which is likely) :stuck_out_tongue:

I can bring a ps3 set-up if I come if you need me to.

I think 2-3 setups is sufficient for the turnout I’m expecting. I’m probably gonna bring 1-2 TVs and we got an extra one at Clocktower, so anyone who wants to bring a setup is welcome to.

2/23/11 Results

  1. Eddie(Mexidingo)
  2. Kevin(KBeast)
  3. CJ(Soulstar)
  4. Sean(Kingkau)

    WAAY Beyond last. Tyler(Tyram)

GGs to everyone once again, and next week we’ll have the point system set up so we can run our weeklies with mroe incentive. Next one on March 2nd.

First post updated with new rules. Next one is tomorrow.

Woot let’s go. It’s clocktower + mvc3!

I’ll be there as well!!!


Ugh! I have just been informed that Clocktower is closed down, and I was not given a notification. Apologies to everyone who shows up, but the tournament is being moved to Tyram’s garage. I’ll change the details in the first post.

damn i didnt get one last pizza in.

Good games everyone, all those matches were intense. KBeast - please post the link to the fights once they’re uploaded. Thanks.

Kevin C. (AKA Kevin Smith?)

GGs to everyone tonight. I’m still feelin the burn about the sudden extinction of Clocktower Pizza. I had a really good venue with really good food, and just like that it all went away :frowning:

1 SaikyoStyle
2 Alex
3 Tharimrattler
4 KBeast
5 Tyram
5 Spanish Sexy
7 Prem
7 romeo
9 korea
9 beef
9 KingKau

And with this one being another last minute change tourney being turned into a regular one, the ranbat league will now continue during Ramnation’s Friday events, as well as other Ramnation associated things.

@SaikyoStudent: I got the whole thing being rendered right now, and as soon as that finishes I’ll begin to post it up on youtube.

Subscribe to my channel if you’d like so u can know when it’s up!


alright so I got this thread edited for the sake of Clocktower being closed (bastards). But now I got the rules up, and please post or message me if you want to participate in the league.

@KBeast Check the PMs. & Avatar is too dope. Should say we ALL win tho, gawwdaymn

@everyone else, who’s doing it?

damnnn how many people is in the league now?

There’s already a few in here, but they just don’t post up. I’ll change the 1st post later after Ramnation with official players and points from the standings. If you want in, don’t forget to gimme yo’ 2 dollaz!

Dammit, I shouldn’t have let Coopa join, I would have gotten 2nd place points lol. Anyways good shit to everyone, and the 1st post is being updated with points.

ranbat points!

I finally joined last night. I think I only got 1 point though GOD DAMN IT!!!