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sup james. this is RJ. could i get those boxes for the sticks wen i get ther or r u gonna build new ones?

damn, cant come this time guys…I’m getting ready for University Battle!

Tear it up anthony!!!

yeah gl man.
Hey, I might be early today. around 8:00 is that ok?

8’s cool , see ya’ll

What ashame and I was gonna bring a extra big bag of FRESH MOIVE THEATER QUAILITY POPCORN:cool:

Still sure u dont wanna come?


I’ve got one hell of a hangover from last night. Sorry Jag but I won’t make it to the Tekken meeting. Actually I’m going back to sleep.

cause theres nothing to post about.

Just so theres no confusion,

This thursday there will be a CVS2/MVC2/and just added Poker session and tourney at my house again . WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END???

ALL TOURNAMENTS including poker will be $1.00 winner takes all
practice starting at 8:00PM
MVC2 tourney starts at 10PM
CVS2 follows MVC2
Poker (No Limit Texas Hold’em) follows CVS2

Note: Poker had the best turnout last thursday

Tell all your friends and family even your grandma about Thursday at my place!!!

See ya thursday

shatt i didnt know that you had poker there. im down to go, and im gonna ask ray and some other friends who play poker.

Like I said “Tell everyone, even your grandma”

(I finally ordered a couple of 360 sticks for the cabinet, so by thursday they should be installed.)

EDIT: the 360’s arrived, were installed ,and ready to be used thursday

damn thought i had the mourning shift bout instead im gonna be serving popcorn till closing time instead of serving Foos at Cvs2.
Oh yea dont forget about my sick ass mind games in poker.

back in action

Yeah I got my car back, so I am back in action and will be hitting up those sessions. About tonight, I will be at James place at sometime between 10-11 because i need to take care of something. James, I will call you when I am on my way out there though.


I should be bringing my friend Wesley next week, when I pick him up.

I made it.

Just to let everyone know,

There will be no session/tourney this thursday (finally starting to keep it BI-weekly)

Next one will be thursday the 25th…

See you then!

Good shit to all of you guys in the tourney. Good poker game to everyone as well. Good shit on that last hand james. Don’t forget everyone Tilt tourney this saturday. EVERYBODY MAKE SURE THAT YOU SHOW THE FUCK UP.

Hey james I think I know a guy that will sell me a cabnet like yours but i don’t know how to set it up to play cvs 2 or anything else so if I get it do u think u could help me fix it up?

ps. To the rimrat… mad props your skills have emproved greatly with guile.

damn, then Wes and I probably cant make it :frowning: