707 thread version 4.0

Anyone gonna be at tilt today? I have an early exam in fairfield and i’ll probably be there posting up the flyer.

Anyway what do you guys want to do for the cvs2 tournament on the 15th? normal Singles, teams or whatever? It’d be cool if someone could post a poll, but if not I’ll do one tommorow.

hey mark I might be going to davis, so if you still need a partner … I’ll play N-cammy, later.

Anymore CVS2, SF3TS, and SSF2T going on in the 707?

Where’d everyone go? Rohnert Park Scandia still open? I still have tokens from like 10 to 15 years ago from that place. Wonder if they changed the tokens…

FYI: 707’s main group has moved on to facebook. Check out

https://www.facebook.com/groups/DenDojo (Friday weekly gatherings in Suisun).

Also, if twitter’s your thing, you can follow http://twitter.com/707fgc , though it’s not as active as the FB

Finally, yes—years later, it’s true:


still true.

Looks like the group is closed…