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This month is going by hella slow for me. My DC stick is working fine at least but I have no idea when the next Tilt tournament is going to be on. It’s been hella dead lately on the 707 thread.

If there is any tournaments going on at Tilt I’ll most likely enter GGXX and T4. The only game I’m waiting on as of now is Samurai Shodown V.

I heard from Brian the next tourney is going to be on the 18th. I’m not sure when he’ll be announcing it himself (I heard last week).

just to let you know…samurai showdown is crap…they had it at SVGL for a week…then they kicked it out…

when your meter is maxed out…3/4 life taken with ONE A+B slash from evil haohmaru :eek:…might have been a counter hit too tho…but still…3/4’s!!!..

J.C. :lol: During meter max out for example Haohmaru can pretty much do half to 3/4 damage on counter hit. I have played it at SVGL before and that was a beta version.

SS Warriors Rage though a hard slash didn’t do much damage as it did in the Samurai Shodown series but it sure was easier to combo in Warriors Rage off of strong slashes. I’ll play the final version of SSV and see how that turns out before claiming the game is just as bad as SvC.

Despite all of this going on I still have no interest of going back to playing SCII at the arcades.

ohhh wasn’t aware it was a beta…you should have seen the look on everyone’s face when that slash connected…we were like WHOOOAAAAA!!!..hahaha

any more games like SvC is gonna put SNK to shame…:stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I was :lol: when I saw that strong slash connect as well when I was playing it.

SSV arcade has been delayed though so I have no idea as to when it is coming to the Tilt. Lack of information from Playmore isn’t really helping me.

Errr, so if the tournament is this week why hasn’t anyone posted it? Don’t we want anyone to show up? I have the flyer right here and it says the 18th.

I have no idea what the hell is going on at Tilt on the 18th anymore. Go ahead and post the flyer up to see if any players will be showing up. Also just to let everyone know that this tournament will be right after the Nor.CA Regional tourneys at SVGL…

The flyer says of this month…
My brother(who he gave the flyer too) was waiting on bryan to make a post. Maybe he has too much on his plate right now, and has pushed the date back again.

Well I called tilt and the tournament is this weekend

Tournament Details

Sign-ups are from 12:00-2:00

Quick Rules:
-Every game is double elim besides cvs2
-8 players are needed to have a tournament.

Tekken 4
Soul Calibur 2

Even though I posted it, someone should speak to bryan about delaying the tournament. I’ll probably drop in the arcade tommorow, but I had to post it just in case it was still on. I’m almost 85% it’s still going to be on too.

my absence explained

sorry that I have been leaving everyone out on the tournament info and everything but I have been very busy with the running of the 2 Tilts at a time thing. I will be phasing out of the day-to-day running of the store and phasing into resurrecting the Newark Arcade. And what a job that is going to be!

To my regular volunteers and those who are willing to help, I will not be at this tournament for work and personal reasons and will need people to help with the running and the awarding of prizes.

Since I don’t have SS5 yet and SNK/Playmore is not talking I assume the game is getting tweaked before release. Maybe I will call my guy at snk to see WTF is going on. Or, who cares, it will probably be shit anyway. Come on Sammy vs. Capcom.


Well, I’ll probably take one of the tekkens while jaguaranid takes the other. Also, If I’m needed elsewhere i’ll glady help out.

I’ll be glad to help out with the GGXX tournament and perhaps SvC as well depending on entrys.

I will be there for CvS2 :smiley:

Sup people… Hey im moving into my new house and I just realized that since im out of the apartment now , I could bust my old Marvel machine out . I was wondering if maybe one of you guys might wanna help me fix it up? My plans include…

-install new monitor
-install 360’s
-all to work with VGA and AV inputs

 I plan to use it for my DC , if anyone would be interested in helping me out, post back or PM me ASAP. I will be purchasing all new parts and cosmetics "to make it look pretty"and pay for labor if necessary . Oh yeah and its the same model as the TTT machine at the tilt. 

                         THANK's my fellow 707ers

tharimrattler what is your real name? ive been tryin to figure it out for soime time and never posted bout it? btw im sean:confused:

its mark.

:confused: haha whos mark? can you describe what he looks like, or even better what team does he play in cvs2? im assuming that cause of terry in avartar. haha i know im :lame: jus help a confused player out:lol:

tall white guy. Usually slicks his hair back, and hangs around with dans bro. He uses terry, sagat, xxx