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dan has brother ok i know who that is ahaha:lol: sup mark

So what are the results from the tournament?

I have no idea. There was no MvC2 and Chaos tournament at all because of lack of entrys. Phillip did all the brackets for T4 and TTT while GGXX had to be round robin because of five players but Dan and I couldn’t figure out why 5 dollars was missing from the pot.

CvS2 and SCII were done by both Dan and JC. Hopefully the results will be in but all I can say is that this tournament was probably my worst game that I ever had in GGXX.

Sup man.
Sean… do I know you?

haha i we dont know each other, but we play each other i think:confused: i play sakura-a, iori-a, bison-a. ya you know haha now that i know who you are ill start talkin haha lata:lol:

Tourney results


10/18/03 results


  1. Ricky Ortiz
  2. Mike Witt (misconceptn)
  3. Gerard Camerino


  1. Ricky Ortiz
  2. Eric Chan
  3. Eric Hsu (Xaero)


  1. JC Alegre (knockturnl76)
  2. Dan Thompson (Spider-Dan)
  3. Joe Heat?


  1. Bronson Tran (insanelee)
  2. Andy Lam (725)
  3. Phuong Le (SHO)


  1. Bronson Tran (insanelee)
  2. Alan Ching (Skyydrag0n)
  3. Andy Lam (725)

Everything’s APEXed.

Whoever picks haohmaru at tilt tournaments reply to this post. I’m liking him as of late and 2 players is better than 1. Also, Check my post on the haohmaru thread over on character specifics forum. Maybe we can meet up at tilt and try out some stuff.

great tournament, although i choked during the tourney and couldn’t do basic stuff I always do. I’ll do much better next time. Especially now that I’m pretty much used to 360s and have figured out how to block low decently. i got a really good feel of how many tilt players play, so look for a better match from me in the future.

So tilt got the new samsho?

Yeah, Samurai Showdown V is now at Tilt, that game is hard.

Just watch out for the mid boss since he has all of those assist characters and can gain health back by eating food. Mina and Rera can crush him easily though once you figure out his pattern. To avoid his out of arms pulling out the gun unblockable super…just jump and heavy slash that crap for a free hit. As for the final boss just keep avoiding his demon form until he changes back to normal. Otherwise he’ll drain your life bar in no time with his unblockable super grab that does over 50% damage which he can do about up to three times.

Major note: Well I hate to say this but English version got raped from the japanese version. There is no translation on the storyline at all so yeah what do you get after you beat the game. Absolutely nothing except scrolling credits. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeah SNK Playmore basically got hella lazy and didn’t quite finish the english version. If any of ya guys were trying to beat it and see if there is any kind of ending…Nope you get nothing. :rolleyes:

Otherwise at least the gameplay is good. Much better then SvC which is a big plus.

That blows, but I’ll come and check it out today. I hope it’s better than svc.

Yeah, I think it is that mid-boss, the guy that has those assist characters come out and grab you and shit. It is very frustrating when they grab you and you cant move at all. I have not even faced the final boss yet. :bluu:

The mid boss only has a couple assist characters and no you can’t knock them out of their assist either which is kind of gay.

The grab hold assist usually happens when your full screen away. The other two assists are either from high above or the female character sliding down below. Otherwise most of his normal moves are damn copies of Genjuros normal slashes. :rolleyes:

It is better then SvC but it doesn’t help when they put it on a regular cabinet and the joystick/buttons are questionable.

Well I’ll no longer will be playing SSV at the Tilt. There is just a lot of things that were cut off from that game compared to the japanese version and I’m quite disappointed with SSV.

Anyways Happy Halloween guys. :slight_smile:

I wish they would just make a sequel to last blade. Even though it was horribly unbalanced, it’s the funnest snk fighter in years(besides kof). Whats with SS4 & LB2 looking better than 5? Those games are much older. But, the graphics wouldn’t even matter if I liked the game. Maybe i’ll play it more than once next time.

Actually next year Last Blade 3 will be released but under the same damn hardware. :rolleyes:

LB2 is a bit cleaner then SSV graphics wise. The same with MOTW but I’m still playing VF4 Evolution the most.

Well, I bet SNK is going to go out of business again.

Anyway, is anyone from 707 going to the norcal regional? Me and my brother could use a ride. Of course we’d also chip in for gas.

Not me by any chance. Actually I’m kind of expecting a Ricky Ortiz ass raping down there. :lol:

Well I’ll be at the Tilt tomorrow and if anyone is lucky enough to be there…I’ll reveal the code to play Poppy on SSV. :slight_smile:

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