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wheres greg?

Thats comedy

:lol: Damn Greg that’s some good shit.

Got Caught Major Slippin…

Oh shit Greg, I didn’t think you were that proud of your Halloween costume that you would post it on the Net!?

Puh Kya Kya!:lol:

haha were you been at greg? havent seen you in hella long. you still be playin?:confused:

TRT–Im moving into my new house this week, so expect a call sometime soon for some serious “breaking-in-of-the-house.” My new cell # 916-267-5025, and AIM: impulszeimports

Heh nothing changes here anyways.

can i come:confused:

So whens the next tournament?

ya’ll cats bring back hella memories n shit. i can’t wait to go back home…
i’ll be home on tha 29th of Dec. and it’s offical IF i can afford a plane ticket…:confused:

peace out cUDDY:cool:


Happy thanksgiving.
Damn, I think I’m gonna get even fatter today.

til tha 11th of Jan. less tha 2 wks or approximately 13-14 dayz.


So anyone play live anymore?

My gamertag is


The next tourney at Tilt I have no idea anymore. I believe it’s official that Brian may no longer be hosting the Tilt tourneys at the Westfield Tilt considering that we no longer have GGXX and several players are losing interest including me as well.

Max told me that he was hosting the weekly tourneys on Wednesday. Is this still going on?

The only game that I would be interested in entering a tournament in is SSV.

I haven’t heard of this but I haven’t been to tilt in weeks. I’m going today, because I’d like to get some practice for the berkley tourney tommorow.

No one loves me no more…:frowning:

wat do you mean? i love to play you in mvc2 so in a way i love you, but im not gay! do you come out FF anymore? hows the new house? and were greg at? you came down that one day and was beatin up everyone all nite.

This so can’t be true. I still have a lot of respect for you when your still playing MvC2. I haven’t seen you in a long time though yet the Tilt now is hardly going anywhere.

I have a feeling that the tournament scene is now lost unless someone else from the Tilt can revive it.

Tilt Tournament 01/10/04

The next Tilt Tournament will be on Saturday 01/10/04.

Tournament games are (given there are enough players):
SVC (yeah right)

Unfortunately, GGXX and T4 are no longer at Tilt.

All this info came from Max today at the Tilt so be there. :cool:

I am assuming signups are 12:00-2:00 pm and $5 each game, as were the previous tournaments. 2 out of 3 double-elim.

I will update this as I get more info.

I heard bryan moved t4 to new park mall. I could even see if bryan got tekken 4, but it was there before bryan even became the manager. Oh well, It’s not like I play anymore anyway.

Anyway, I’ll probably try and catch the next couple of fight nights to practice for the upcoming tournament. Anyone still play marvel? Last time I was there marvel was completely dead. I’m a horrible player, but it’d be nice to have someone to play against.