707 Tilt Tourney 3/15/08 (cvs2,Mvc2)

Another one ends another one begins!

Thats right guys we are BACK! with another tourney coming your way from the FLATZ! thats right Fairfield CA cuzzzzzz! GET HYPE!



Sign ups: Start at 10 am and will go until 2 pm SHARP! tourney will begin at 2:30 pm.

**Entry Fee: **$5 plus single token play

Tilt info:

Westfield shoppingtown mall
1372B Solano Mall
Fairfeild, CA 94533


Hope to see everyone there!


I’m in there.

Huh? Why aren’t camera’s allowed? That’s a new one on me… :wtf:

The stick on the right on the MvC2 machine is pretty dodgy. It’s possible that it’s just new and hasn’t been worn in yet (it has that kind of feel to it) but last night there was a stretch where I was playing Cable/Cyclops against Kau (?) and was only able to HVB off of normal jumps about one time in five after Cyclops hit. I literally said out loud, “I do not suck this bad!” :looney:

I’ll look into it.

Are you going to tilt again today? Im down to meet you there and play?

Yeah, I’ll be back there in a little while I think. Couple hours or so.

thank god i got the day off for this! hew!

dam this shit is saturday already i wanna go hopefully i can make it

for real though.

75% im there rolling with an entourage, jk i aint played since ram’s/brians console tourny. who’s down for $100 money matches?


That would hella cover the gas out to FF…


lol eric lee ftw come eric if u go ill go.

I’m hella joking. I have to work overtime tomorrow, and then visit my mom in South City. I might go to SFSU if I get off on time, but FF is too far.

Plus, I don’t have $100 to lose to John…and I’d feel shitty if I took his money.

damn i havent been to a tourny in hella long. ill see i i can make it this time.

Leezy! Go to Fairfield, I want to play you again.

  • excluding eric le and anyone else that beats me regularly

I would’ve actually gone to this if I had the time…but the extra miles make it so I won’t get back in time to pick up my fiance from work…and that’s no bueno. Sorry.


1st. John B.
2nd. Patmonsta
3rd. TheGreenplug


1st. Tinh
2nd. Crizzle
3rd. Korngo

Thanks to everyone for showing up. Glad to see Modesto come out with such a big crew to rep their spot as they did. JohnB. Congrats on the win man. Coming back from Losers to win the thing was crazy son!!! Next month come back so we can run back another MM. You work for Apple so i know you got it. hahaha

Good shit to Tinh for winning Marvel. Sean next time we play im gonna catch you slippen.

this guy Snake though. Good shit on the MM man. our cvs2/marvel matches were too good. Come down to Fairfield soon so we can run some casuals again. ULTRAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

TheGreenplug, nice to finally meet you bro. You are a cool/chill dude and if you ever come back down to Fairfield for casuals some time ill house you and Modesto anytime.

GG’s to pat as well, K groove battles are always the best.



were did i end up at?
and anytime you want Big Daddy!

gg’s all very fun!

ty brian and ram 4 hosting

pink fuckin chang lol, for some reason i called Pat “Mark” all night, good k groove very gg’s

cheers, nice to see Ram, Armon, Mark, Jeff, Snake, Green, all crazy marvel kats, gj Tinh, & errrrbody else. missed the usual suspects too, H!33333333333333ro, Ant Payaso, docB, Yos(semi-retired?), holla Jamaal if you reading. Eric Le congrats on the fiance had no idea. Would of been sick K groove battles, loved it but man my parry’s were on point yesterday, one of those running good days even tho i was in losers, pretty sure you win still 75/25%

gj Ram took $5 from me 0-2 moneymatch, empty jump super always gets me

John JD, i hear good things, you should go to mgl svgl for practice will blk_bro

what else, damn gotta go holla