720 Degrees for Astral Finish(Heat)

my friend recently gave me this game and im having a problem with this 720 degrees and i dont know how to do it on the D-Pad i play as Hakumen and Jin and i need to do something called 720 degrees.And my brother plays as Noel and he cant do it so how u guys do her Astral finish?with Hakumen and Jin i keep jumping and i wanna keep myself from jumpihg in order to pull it off…anyone have any ideas how do i do that?If anyone can teach me or tell me how to pull off the specials plz reply

i have it on ps3 incase of anything

Hakumen and Jin’s Astral Heats are [2]8D, not 720D…
Go back to practice mode and figure it out.

noels is also qcb(x2)

In CT, the motions were still 720s (they weren’t changed to the charge motions until CS). Buffering from a taunt (as in inputting the motions during the animation) was one way of doing it.

As for Noel, hers was still a charge motion in CT, but it wasn’t very reliable (tapping u/d repeatedly and pressing C yielded better results).