720 Execution Troubles

I’ve been playing 3s for quite some time and I finally have a good stick in order to play more often. I began learning the game with Ken but always held a warm spot for grappling characters. Thus these motions on Hugo are foreign

I’ve read through the wiki for Hugo and have learned many of the basics of him except one thing still evades me. I cannot 90% of the time, execute the 720 required for Gigas Breaker. I’ve sat in practice mode for countless hours trying to nail it but it still perplexes me as I have got my 360s down no problem.

I’ve tried both ways either using the F,D,U trick or just trying a full rotation and I cannot for the life of me get it. Any ideas on what may be my problem or just plain tips on how to execute this. Thanks in advance.

NOTE: I forgot to mention that i can execute it decently if i perform the 720 in the air and then tap the punch when landing. It’s just when i’m standing that i cannot get it right.

hello there. If youre missing the standing 720 “tachi” gigas, then just buffer it from some move, like LK or GPB, so it will prevent you from jumping in the middle of the motion. Just get used to the recovery of the move you want to use to buffer the gigas. But watch out, dont “touch” the opponent with those moves, otherwise gigas will not grab anybody in block/hit status.

Simplified, 720 = two 360 motions. pull off a LK or dash and do the first 360, then you have half second to input the 2nd 360 motion.

touching is fine, after just make sure you understand when they opponent recovers, and time the gigas to hit once they’re at neutral.

I’ll do s.LK hit buffer 360 WALK 360+P and get a gigas.

If you’re on a jap stick, remember that you don’t have to exaggerate the motion. All sticks have a certain sweet spot for spinning the stick. When it comes to jap sticks in particular, you can do smaller circles barely hitting the edges. 360, then 180, plus drumming the punches.

If you feel more comfortable with buffering the first 360, then that’s fine. It’s just that players will sometimes see you whiff a move, and anticipate the buffered Gigas if they sense it coming. So it’s good to have the ability to Tachi, and at worse, you should get a 360 slam anyways if you don’t get the Tachi.

Again, just experiment and try and find a “sweet spin” so to speak. One thing that definitely helped me personally was that you don’t necessarily have to make a complete circle. I saw it in a youtube comment for a Hugo match. Like, if you’re spinning the stick clockwise, do hcb, then sort of move the stick straight to u/f, then spin like normal, doing at least another 180, drum punches for Tachi.

Hope you get it better man. Good luck.