720p and 1080p

How noticeable is the difference between these two resolutions, specifically for a 32’’ Tv?

At 32", it’s going to be barely perceptible at a normal sitting-distance from the Television.

So will the quality still be high on a 32’’? Will there be no doubt that there is a difference between sdtv and 720p on a 32’’?

Most folks say it’s not that noticeable on a 32inch but, it is when your doing things like word processing, web browsing, or when you need desktop real estate.

I don’t have any 1080p 32inch monitors. I only have a 24inch and a 47inch.

I can definitely tell the difference on the 47inch.

You will notice the additional clarity on a 32" screen. If nothing else, just the fact that the screen will be progressive instead of interlaced makes it feel loads better with any kind of fast movement like an action movie. But yeah, at 32", you should be able to tell 720p over 480i no problem.

The TV’s tech changes things too – honestly 480p/480i looks fantastic on my old 36" CRT Panasonic HDTV, and 1080i (to me) isn’t that big a deal on it. (many CRTs supports 480p AND 1080i as a native res).

But on a 32" LCD for instance, you will notice a huuuuge difference btw SD and HD content.

And to answer your original qu: most HD info I’ve read about say the difference btw 720p/1080p is only REALLY noticeable 50" and over.

To me, the change almost isn’t even a good one. What 1080p seems to add into movies for me is hilarious high quality film grain. I have a 720p 50", and my friend has a 1080p 56". Honestly, his TV just makes the film grain more sharp. haha.